CrossFit Wilmington is an all inclusive, fitness and wellness complex in Wilmington, NC. We are Eastern North Carolina’s first CrossFit Affiliate. We opened in January of 2008 and we continue to provide the highest quality training services to residents of the Port City. CrossFit Wilmington strives to be the best part of our members’ days. We know your name, and how to support your goals. Our goal is to inspire you to achieve your best every time you walk through the door. We are a place to escape the negativity that plagues our day to day lives, and to offer a bright spot in your day. You’ll get that extra push from our coaches to work hard, and see the results of your hard work! We have grown from a small community training in a 1,800 square foot garage to our current complex with over 15,000 square feet of training space. Our expansion has allowed us to develop a knowledgeable staff with a keen ey for producing results! We’ve built our reputation with integrity and professionalism. CrossFit Wilmington guarantees the most professional, effective exercise program and training services by our staff of knowledgeable coaches. CrossFit Wilmington is not a corporate franchise gym. We are privately owned. And while we are the largest CrossFit Affiliate in Wilmington, we are still small enough to give our members the personal focus the deserve. Our community of members all work towards a common fitness goal, and will be there to support you, along with our coaches, every step of the way. We have ample space to offer a variety of programs. CrossFit is of course our specialty, but we also offer specialty courses in Olympic Weightlifting, strongman, endurance, and powerlifting. We also have an active kids program that allows us to introduce our children to the joys of fitness. If you are interested in learning more get started here!

Meet Our Team

Lauren Linett

Meet El Jefe, Owner/Coach Lauren. With owning CFW for a little over a year now, she has not only learned so much about herself, she’s also living her dream of helping others see and feel what Crossfit has done for her. She genuinely loves what she does. Don’t let that rebel face fool you, she’s a huge softie on the inside ❤️

Laura Sawhill

Meet our sweet yet feisty coach, Laura Sawhill. Laura has been doing Crossfit for 5 years now and has the passion still as if it’s day one. She loves listening to jock jams or old school rock while drilling our athletes. If you ever need her for something , she’s always there! Thanks Coach Laura for being you and being a part of this epic team we have here