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  • brian

    I am coming home for the holidays here starting 12/20 for about a week, I was wondering if you sold passes by the class or week? I have been participating in crossfit for a couple months now and would just like to continue working while I’m traveling up to Wilmington for the holidays. Please let me know if you have room for me at the gym and if I need to provide any additional information for you.

    Thanks, Brian

  • Pete Fehring

    Hi, my name is Pete Fehring, I’m a US Navy Veteran who has recently joined the RuckPack team in the Veteran Distribution Program.

    RuckPack is an all-natural energy/vitamin/recovery shot developed by combat-Marines (led by my US Naval Academy classmate, Rob Dyer). Since appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, where Rob struck a deal with Robert Herjavic and Kevin O’Leary, RuckPack has been made available to the general public.

    You may have seen us recently on Shark Tank (featured on Dec 13, and showing again tonight Dec 20!), Fox and Friends (Dec 4, 17), ABC or in Entrepreneur Magazine.

    Elite runners, cyclists, bodybuilders and triathletes are endorsing RuckPack because of its natural vitamins, minerals, as well as training and recovery benefits. The product is carried in sports stores and grocery stores right now, will be in Walgreens across the country in early 2014, and I’d love to get it into the hands of your Crossfit men and women ASAP!

    I have informational handouts about the company and the product that I can email to you or bring to the store. Pricing (below) is distributor pricing, not retail, and does not include shipping.

    There are currently two (2) retail options for RuckPack: a two-pack ($4.99) or a six-pack ($13.99).
    Flavors are: Tropical Peach Smoothie and Blood Orange (my favorite is Blood Orange).

    You can order in the following quantities:
    2 Boxes (24 shots): $39.60 + shipping
    1 Case (144 shots): $237.60 + shipping
    2 Cases (288 shots): $475.20 + shipping

    The company vows to give back at least 10% of profits to a non-profit organization (such as: Navy Seal Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, MARSOC Foundation).

    Once you place your order through me, we’ll get you on the RuckPack map!

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    I’d love to partner with you, bring RuckPack to the Wilmington area, and take your first order!

    Pete Fehring
    Team RuckPack
    Drink. Win. Repeat.TM

  • Laura Whiteside

    First off I would like to thank you for holding the Legacy Series Event last weekend! I competed in the event with my team and we ended up tieing for 3rd! Team T.A.N.K. This was my first competition as well as one of the other teammates too. We loved the flow and atmosphere of everything and just how smoothly it was all ran. I was so honored to be a part of this series and come out in the top 5! The last event was amazing! The way you thought that out and took the time to really put that together blew us all through the roof. It was by far one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I work at the HITT Center on Camp Lejeune (Functional Fitness Facility where our Marines do Olympic Lifting and Crossfit). One of your athletes used to spend a lot of his time here with us, Will Hall. He actually taught me the majority of what I know when it comes to lifting (That’s besides the point lol) He came in here on his own time and helped us get to where were are now and really made us fall in love with Olymic Lifting and Crossfit. It was sad to see him move.

    On another note, I was wondering if you guys would be generous enough to donate one of those sleds that were used in the last event to us here at the HITT Center. We have 3 prowlers right now, along with 3 little red pulling sleds. It would be such an honor to have one of those huge sleds in our facility that you guys made. It would be used so much with all the Marines around here. Maybe this is a crazy question and you are laughing right now, but hey it was worth a shot at least! We love all those kinds of toys and could really use one here.

    Once again, thank you for everything last weekend! I hope to hear back from you soon and hopefully you don’t think I am too crazy for asking!

  • Brandon Ostrander

    I forgot to mention to you before I left today about the free membership for combat vets to get my name on that list. I think this is great that you are doing this for veterans in the area. Another reason I am glad to be part of this gym. Thanks again. Have a great Christmas.


    • t. Post author

      We have you Brandon… most of you I know you’ve seen the show. You guys will not see a draft in January. I appreciate your service.

  • Sheldon Goodwin

    Tony, I just read your post on the website about offering combat vets free memberships. Thank you! I am an OEF veteran form 2002, 13 months in Orgun-e Afghanistan and then suffered a TBI and was later diagnosed with PTSD. I understand everything you wrote and its great to see a fellow veteran do something like this for his brothers. Great job Man! I hope I will be able to maybe get started working out over there.
    Thank You, Sheldon Goodwin

  • Michael Murray.

    Need to find a box in Wilmington to workout at while I am down there on weekends and summertime. I workout in Greensboro and am obsessed with it. Feel free to contact me at 336 501 6212

  • David Floyd

    Hello CFW



  • Laura Gonzo

    Hey – I work out at CrossFit Greensboro and will be in Wilmington 1/2 – 1/5. I would love to drop in for a WOD. My boyfriend will be with me, is also a CrossFitter and is rehabbing his knee – If it wouldn’t cause a distraction, he’d love to do some goblet squats and stuff like that while the WOD is going on. If not, he can try to find a local gym.

    Hope to see you all soon. Thanks,


  • Jacob Burns

    I would just like to express my appreciation for you having Combat Veterans train at CFW free of charge. I’m not a Combat Veteran and I don’t train at your Gym, although I have occasionally. What makes me appreciate this is my Father served 2 tours in Vietnam, ’68 and ’69. All throughout my childhood this haunted him. He did not have an outlet other than working and being a great Dad, the best he could. When I got older, I began to realize that he needed another outlet other than work and family. He needed something for him. As his kids got older, providing for themselves, and all he had was work and other not so other desirable (for lack of a better term) outlets. Two months from now, it will be 2 years that my Dad has passed away due to “natural” causes.

    I would just like to say thank you for providing an outlet for our current Combat Veterans.

    Please feel free to share or not. I just wanted to express my appreciation.


  • Nicholas

    I am interested in the SOF/BUDS prep program you guys offer. Just curious what it looks like and how its programmed. Thanks.

    • t. Post author

      It wet intensive with a lot of pool work but also includes concurrent strength and endurance work. I have 6 BUDs graduates that I’ve trained… that is 6 of 6. The program works.

  • Kyle R Davis

    Hey, I’m a student at UNCW and I’m looking to start doing either Evolution MMA or CrossFit and I’m just wondering about prices and availability for classes.
    I saw on your page that students pay $100 for the Foundations classes and then $135 for the student rate. Does that mean any number of classes and is there a contract for how many months you have to pay?

    Thanks, Kyle

  • Natalie

    Hello, my name is Natalie and I am extremely interested in starting Crossfit next semester. My friend has been a member for awhile and loves not only her results, but the program itself. I was wondering more about the program though. Regarding price, the program itself, ect.

    thanks in advance,


  • Josh

    Hi guys I am a current member at CFW and wanted to know how I could get into a pool based operator course and how I can take advantage of the new policy for combat veterans. Please get back to me ASAP.
    Josh Rentz
    Cell 678-333-8528

  • Joshua Venegas

    I am just getting in touch with you guys at CFW. I sent an email a few months ago in regards to shadowing as a trainer. I had to wait until i moved down to Camp Lejuene to do so but i am finally down here and just waiting for my crossfit certification course next month. I would love to stop by and see what you guys are all about. I am on leave right now so i can meet up whenever is best. Thank you!

  • Micele Kirby


    I am currently in the Air Force Reserves, and I’m looking for some help with losing a few pounds and getting back in fighting shape. I would like to setup a time to come out and see one of your classes, if possible. You can contact me by email or by phone 919-914-1132.

    Micele Kirby

  • Consuelo

    I’d like to get more information, such as fees and schedules, for the military performance and preparation program.
    Thank you,

  • Consuelo

    I\’d like to get more information, such as fees and schedules, for the military performance and preparation program. Thank you,Consuelo

  • Mary Rebecca

    Hi!!! I will be in Willmington on Monday&Tuesday. I would love to drop in. Just wanted to see if that was okay…. 🙂

  • Isaac Riddle


    I couldn’t remember your email address otherwise I would have sent this directly to you. I would love to talk about the details of me helping to coach some on the weekends. Please just shoot me an email back and we can talk specifics. Thanks a ton.


  • Stacey Meek

    CrossFit Wilmington,

    Congratulations on your regional qualification in the CrossFit Games! Vince and I were lucky enough to work with some of your athletes at the Pirate Weightlifting Open at CrossFit Tier1. We wanted to reach out and see if you had arranged for bodywork for your athletes at the regional competition. WODbody Sports Massage is a sports massage team with the ability to be completely mobile. We travel to competitions across the state and understand what it takes to keep athletes in the game. More importantly, we get results. We combine soft tissue work, range of motion exercises, gua sha, and kinesiology taping to help support our clients in their sports of choice.
    As May approaches, we are booking fast, so we want to get regionals nailed down if we need to. We’d love to discuss how we can help CrossFit Wilmington in the MidAtlantic Regionals.

    Stacey Meek, LMBT, CKTP
    WODbody Sports Massage

  • Nathan Silos

    Hi how are you. I have just recently left the military and just moved back into Wilmington. When I was looking at you site I noticed that you guys waive fees for combat vets and i would like to get more information on that. My number is 9105087868

  • Bennett Tanton

    My name is Bennett Tanton, my family and I are moving to Wilmington from upstate NY, I will be there in a week or so and my wife and kids will be following the first week of July. I was interested in getting my kids signed up for the cross fit kids program in July. I have three girls ages 5, 8 and 9, they are lovely active girls and I think they would enjoy the camp. As soon as I get there the first week of May I will come in and check out the facility, I am interested in making it my home gym. I have been working out at CrossFit 315 in Cicero NY for two years but had some medical issues this past winter so need to get back on the wagon. Look forward to meeting you all and experience CrossFit Wilmington. Thank you

    Bennett Tanton

  • Matt Apel

    Tony, I need to schedule a time to do a biosignature modulation. Might have to be first of next week. I have a class on deck right now. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Nick Owens

    I go to school full and work full time but would yo challenge myself more than I do on a physical level. I’m interested in the intro foundation classes. Thanks!

  • Gage Capel

    Hey there. My name is Gage Capel. I am currently a senior in high school, but I will be attending UNCW starting in the Fall of 2014. I am looking for a box to train at and have heard that CrossFit Wilmington is the place to go! I have seen many of your athletes at my recent competitions and am impressed by the athletes that you all produce. I currently train and work at a community gym called Total Fitness Center in Roxboro, NC. It is not CrossFit affiliated by any means, but I I find a way. We lack most of the equipment, but in the end there’s not much you need just a little bit of creativity and hard work. I used to compete in powerlifting and recently started full blown CrossFit in February of 2014. I don’t have a coach so I have pretty much had to teach myself everything, going a lot off of the main site and other various programming. I have trained at CrossFit Durham numerous times and go there whenever I can. Current PRs to date: Squat-345 Bench-255 Deadlift- 425 Squat&Power Clean-225 S2OH-195. Sitting at around 175lbs. bodyweight right now. I need a lot of help on my olympic lifts and then of course the skill movements such as pistols, HSPUs, handstand walks, muscle-ups, and double-unders. I am just extremely motivated to take my game to the next level and feel that the coaches at your facility can get me there. I see the student discount is offered at $130 per month. I was wondering if there was anyway I could get a further discount? If not it’s okay. Of course money is tight going into college like every other student, but literally, like I know I’m not certified so it would be hard for me to get on (not to mention I’m a newbie and you all have never seen me before). But literally though, I would be willing to clean the bathrooms or just do the dirty work around the facility to help pay for my membership. But again, if not it is totally okay I understand if no exception is made for me. Would the first month be free or is that only for May? Move in day is August 16th so I plan to get started asap once I get settled in. I guess you could check out some of my footage on Instagram: @gage_is_hungry. I know this was a ramble and a lot to read, but I’m bored in class and just wanted to get my name in you all’s head. Thanks again. -Gage

  • Leslie Prisco

    Hi! I\’m new to the area and would like to try a class. I\\\’m moderately active but have not had a consistent weight training routine for a few years. I\\\’m interested in a lower stress training environment (I\\\’m not a fan of boot camp style getting yelled at stuff) that focuses on form and preventing injury.Thanks,Leslie

  • Anne Morin

    Hey Cody,I don\’t have your email address but I thought this would work. I don\’t know if you or Tony pick the WODs but yesterday\’s was bad ass. Who would have thought a 4 minute workout (5 minutes in my case) would be so challenging (and, FUN!)? I\’m sore today for the first time in a while. Kudos!Anne

  • Suzanne Vogler


    I am a UNCW summer student and was wondering if your company had any job openings? I have just recently received my ACE Group X Certification, I hold a First Aid and CRP certification, and am a fitness nut! I’d love to hear about any positions that you may have available, and if you do, I can email you my resume or bring it in person. Thanks for your time.

    Suzanne Vogler

  • Chris

    Checking on your policy with drop ins. I’m going to be in the Lejeune area next week (and throughout the summer) and am looking for a box to drop in a couple times.

    Do drop ins who are active duty/combat vets rate the deal? Think this is really impressive that you offer that and don’t care if I pay, there are others who need this and rate it more than me.

    Look forward to at least dropping by to get a t-shirt.

  • Lisa Hohan

    I’m just about out of my supplements and my husband and I really want to figure out what we should be taking and how we should be eating. We live in Fayetteville but were wondering if you do nutritional programming etc? My husband deploys the last week of May so would it be better for us to take a trip out or have a phone conversation?

  • Tony Pilla

    I am interested in changing crossfit gyms and joining your gym with some friends that I currently work with. I was hoping to see if I can get in there tonight for the 7pm training session.

    Tried calling the office, but no one answered just now.

    Give me a call back at 678 873 5355.

    Look foward to hearing from you.



  • Kris and Stephanie Pelton

    My wife and I are looking to join your crossfit team, I have heard a lot of great things about you guys over there and would like to set up a orientation seesion to get started. Please contact me on my cell any time 269-757-1325 thanks and look forward to getting started.

  • Lizzy Mourges

    Hi! Are you doing a Memorial Day Murph event? I will be in Wilmington all weekend to attend a wedding and I will be missing my box’s event. I was hoping that I could join in a Murph event at a Delaware box that weekend. Thanks!

    • cody

      Hey, We Will make announcement in the coming days. Most of us will be at Regionals that weekend but will still probably have the annual WOD in the morning. Stay tuned for the website/facebook for updates.

  • Milton Murray


    l was visiting family over the weekend and l noticed that Wilmington has a strong Crossfit presence. As a part owner/CF-L1 Trainer of a box in GA, l am pleased to see CF making an impact in my home state. l am writing to introduce myself for future networking purposes. l see that your box carries supplements already, so l just wanted to build some sort of relationship just in case you have a need to switch. We offer Advocare products in our box and with Rich Froning Jr coming on board as an unpaid endorser, Crossfiters everywhere are going to take a closer look at the company. lf we could set aside 15 mins to chat so that if and when your members/trainers start inquiring about Advocare, l’d love to help bridge that gap for your box.

    Best Regards,

    Milton Murray

  • Marie LaMonica

    Hey hey!

    We currently workout at CF4042 in Garner, NC & are in town for work this week. Was wondering if we could drop in either tonight or tomorrow night to workout (probably 6 or 7pm)? I always buy a shirt from the boxes I visit so please let me know how your drop in rates work. I look forward to checking your place out!


  • Whitney Kailos

    Hi, I am visiting my brother this weekend and currently attend a crossfit gym in Richmond VA. What would I need to do to drop in to one your classes on Friday?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Whitney Kailos

  • Teresa Santa Maria

    my husband and I will be in town next week 19-21 for training. we would love to come and get a wod or two in at your box. what is your drop in rate?

    • cody

      Hey Teresa,

      Our website is under construction and I cannot see your whole message. You are more than welcome to drop in when you are in Wilmington. you can email me cody@crossfitwilmington.com if you have any other questions. all the best, Cody

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