There will be no yoga class tonight

The 6am class "suffering" through plank holds. We have had 10 or more people at the 6am class every morning this week, thanks for the dedication team!

 Recently we’ve heard a bit of complaining about the how “easy” the workouts have been.  I cannot count the times that I have heard “is that it?” or “why aren’t we doing anything hard today?”  Well folks, let’s analyze it:

If CrossFit is “the sport of fitness,” which is how it has been described many times, then why would we program obscenely long (or heavy or complex) workouts every day?  Think about any other sport, not a single one of them require you to go balls to the wall, dead sprint, 100% every single day of the week.

Training at 100% intensity will make you sick, fast.  Overtraining is far worse than undertraining.

There is a time and a place for these types of workouts, and they are programmed regularly at this gym.  However, if these workouts are programmed day in and day out, it will leave you more prone to injury and will be detrimental to your body in the long run.  That’s why you need “easy” days, like yesterday, that are just core work, and need cycles that focus on mostly strength or power or endurance.

Getting caught up on the “sexy metcon” is not all CrossFit is about, and certainly not what CrossFit Wilmington is all about.  I guarantee that if you give 100% focus and are diligent with our programming you will see more results here than you would at any CrossFit that programs Fran, Nancy, and the Filthy Fifty every week.

Consider how many athletes we have competing at the national level and it’s obvious our programming pays off and gives results. Our athletes who make it to the CrossFit Games, dominate local and regional competitions, and win Olympic Lifting meets all trust our programming to get them to the world level fitness they have.  Why shouldn’t you?

Put as much intensity and focus into the core days, easy days, and your rest days and your fitness and health will both improve.

That being said, enjoy today’s WOD.  It should fill the requests for something a bit more difficult.


Choose one of the following:

6 Rounds for time (185/135 for all movements):
1 Deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Thruster

8 Rounds for time (135/95 for all movements):
3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Thrusters

10 Rounds for time (95/65 for all movements):
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
6 Thrusters

12 Rounds for time (75 and below/55 and below):
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
6 Thrusters

*all rounds must completed unbroken, if the bar is dropped mid-round that round does not count
**each movements must have a distinct completion before moving on to the next movement, i.e. pause on the last deadlift before cleaning, the last front squat must be stood up before squatting for the thruster can commence, etc.

22 thoughts on “Intelligent Programming

  1. t. says:

    Caleb is all over it…

    We vary the programming to help you perpetual overtrainers not hurt yourselves and our new members ease into the stress our training places on the body and its systems.

    We are not one of those CrossFits that just haphazardly throws their workouts together and tries to see who can run who into the ground with every workout.

    It drives me insane when I hear CrossFit trainers, “coaches”, and worse, owners brag about smoking newbies with “Fran” or other so called tough CF workouts. Hitting a new client with a workout that makes them so sore they cannot move the next day is idiotic and irresponsible.

    The bottom line… we train for improving health and fitness. Not just to run ourselves into the dirt.

    CrossFit, or any type of training done, at 100% intensity with no recovery periods will only lead to injury or at a minimum acute adrenal fatique, i.e. overtraining.

    We don’t win all our trophies from dumbassed training. We plan and periodize for optimal results and those who follow our training (AND DIET RECOMMENDATIONS) reap the greatest benefits.

    Remember… there’s a thin line between being hard, or being a retard.

  2. Hunter says:

    Hell yeah Caleb. Great post and I can say personally…… You are 100% correct.
    For me, I try to do lighter wods in hotels and gyms on the road, and when I’m in town,
    I can try to do heavier stuff where I know I can have a spotter or coach keeping me straight
    On form and helpful hints. If all we do is hardcore metcons, then we are repeating the same mantra
    As the Chronic Cardio folks. Think about it. Lighter days are a must if you want to train properly.

  3. eric says:


    thanks for talking to matt at the office today. really working on him to join, as someone working to keep cfw in the game……….. i was impressed with your crawl, walk run concept.


  4. Abby says:

    AGM….well said. Those of us who choose functional fitness as a pathway to health all share one common denominator…..HARD HEADED. I enjoy the occasional smack down. Helps me open my mind to what I might be missing. Thanks
    Now who is going 185/135? I hate to say that I’m going 95 I have a weak clean and thruster…I see we ARE in the business of BUSTING EGOS! damn us.

  5. maria says:

    Abby, I’m gonna go for the 135…but not till tomorrow AM. Is it ok to do a full clean as long as we do a separate movement for front squat?

  6. Abs says:

    It calls for a Power Clean….So I would say NO…but you are my hero and should do it with 135 full cleans because it is BADASS and you can! so NOW I say YES!!!!

  7. maria says:

    I’m gonna try to do power cleans all the way through…we’ll see how it goes. may take 2 hours

  8. t. says:

    The Sorg, If you opt for the 135lbs, we’ll cut you some “slack” and “allow” you to do the full movement. Ha.

    Get some!

  9. caleb says:

    Maria, remember anything above parallel is considered power, even if its only an inch…you got this!

  10. Chaq. says:

    Anybody going to be in the 7pm class tonight? I am going to need some team motivation for this one. 🙂

  11. Jon says:

    What’s the deal with the hcg diet thing? It sounds great. But if you’re only eating 500 calories a day aren’t you going to be malnourished? Do you eat paleo food? What is mobile and structural fat? I’ve nver heard of this things.

  12. t. says:

    I feel like I’m being baited, but I’ll play this silly game…

    The HCG Diet, like all faddish diets rely on restrictive caloric intake. Anytime you reduce your caloric intake to levels below Basal (Resting) Metabolic Requirements you lose fat.

    Caloric restriction beyond BMR is just like fasting in that it the levels of UCP-3, Glucagon, and other hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters responsible for Lipolysis (fat oxidation) increase withing 24 hours by 3-4 times the amounts we have while fed.

    Fat burning is simple. Eat less calories than you need and you burn fat. Duh. Nothing magical there.

    So what about HCG? HCG… Human Chrionic Gonatropin is the hormone that signals the testes to produce testosterone. It’s what steroid users inject when they come off exogenous testosterones and/or other steroids to get their bodies producing test naturally again.

    If not injected, HCG does reach the body. Drops and orals are destroyed before they even reach the gut.

    So why and how does this AMAZING new hormone based diet work??? OMG! Like, it’s so great because I’m losing fat but I’ve not really thought about it and that I’m not eating enough food to sustain life much less any athletic activity.

    Get serious and get educated before you put something into your body.

    Or if you are absolutely convinced there’s a secret to losing weight and keeping it off, I’ve a great new diet for you. We’ll call it the cat poop diet. It’s not going to taste good and I’m going to need to borrow someones litter box.

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