Sixteen CFW members (Jana and Felice pictured) and Alastar TDS-C instructors went to Ant Hill Range for a pistol shooting competition.  Shooting competitions have many practical applications, for most people, it’s developing the basic shooting skills and self defense.  6 of the top 10 pistol shooters at the match, including 1st place, were members of CFW.

CrossFit WOD:
70 reps of each for time…
Deadlift (225lbs/145lbs)
Clapping Push Ups
*Break up into as many sets of as many reps as needed to complete.



CFW… “Gunnin’“at Ant Hill Range

10 thoughts on “Work hard, play hard.

  1. Matt M says:

    For those of you who follow marks daily apple they released a free online recipe book that is loaded with a ton of great recipes. If you don’t already follow their feed sign up and they’ll send you a password so you can download it. Its a compilation of recipes from their contest last year.

  2. Whitney says:

    New restaurant Manna on Princess Street downtown is excellent and has not 1 but 3 paleo entrees and 1 paleo appetizer on their menu without having to make one substitution or modification. Best restaurant experience I’ve had in Wilmington in a long time!

  3. t. says:

    Thanks Whitney.

    Check this out… the Robb Wolf fish oil calculator is great tool. Use it to figure out exactly how much of your fish oil you should take each day.

    I always want to remind you that in fish oil you don’t just get what you pay for, but the cheap stuff from CostCo or Walmart or Sams is toxic and worse for you than not taking any fish oil at all. If you have that stuff, throw it away!!

    Here’s the important part… a new, much higher potency fish oil:
    This is the highest potency stuff I’ve seen yet. Robb is backing it and it’s affordable. They also offer it in travel size so your entire bottle doesn’t oxidize if you’re on the road.

  4. Matt M says:

    If you use the Whole9 link at the bottom of Robb’s calculator it will give you 10% off your purchase of fish oil

  5. Lil D says:

    I get Carlson’s Elite Gems on Amazon. They’re the 1250mg, with 400/300 EPA/DHA. I get the 300-count for $67 and free shipping, and at 6 capsules a day (0.25 maintenance dose, per RW’s calculator), it lasts me 50 days.

  6. t. says:

    Don’t forget… tomorrow am at 6:30, Spin City is giving CFW a 30 minute, high intensity interval Spin Class. Everyone is welcome. NO COST!

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