CrossFit Wilmington will now be offering classes for women only.  We will also offer women’s strength and conditioning classes at Wilmington Strength and women’s Olympic Lifting courses periodically.  All will empower real women and get them real results.

Blah, blah, blah.

I can’t even continue without laughing.  We do offer classes for women…  8 of them everyday.  The thought of profiting from a scaled version of our program to women who are too self conscious to workout in a coed environment is not only laughable to me, doing so is simply disingenuous.  Instead, we foster an environment where women can workout along with the other sex with no worry of being uncomfortable.  Women do not need further coddling or sexist B.S. fitness classes.  The fairer of the sexes is not weak.  Women respond to training stimuli they same way men do.

So no, we will not be offering any women only classes.  We will be offering women the results they want by teaching them the disciplines of strength, power, and physical preparation.  Our women represent the finest and strongest in Wilmington.  They become that way by not only training along side of men, but training as hard as any of them.


CrossFit Wilmington / Wilmington Strength’s version of Women’s Empowerment

Crossfit Day 3/Week 3

10 min in sauna
Foam roll anterior chain
Stretch anterior chain, shoulders and pecs
10 min in sauna

*Classes are open to all CFW and WSC members.

9 thoughts on “Women’s Empowerment Classes

  1. taylor says:

    lolololololollllollol. Tony, after the first sentence, I almost stopped reading and you were going to get a WTF text from me. Thanks for the little giggle this a.m

  2. Amanda W says:

    Taylor I agree! Literally, I read the headline and said, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” lol. We’re all scrubs in the gym. Segregation is ridiculous. And Sara – I still don’t see the Hello Kitty patches on those shoes. At least bedazzle them.

  3. Jordan says:

    Everyone up here in the National Speed showroom had a laugh this morning when I read the first few sentences out loud.

  4. t. says:

    I just think it’s a sad state so many women are afraid or intimidated, not only of CF, but any gym. In the end I think it’s mostly excuses. If you really want to train to be strong and healthy, you’ll find a way.

    Women’s only classes are pretty close to support groups. I think the best way to get away from your problems is to get away from those who also have similar problems.

    So instead of mollifying those with low self esteem or body issues, the CFW women can continue set excellent examples for those women who want more than a support group that tells them it’s ok to be weak.

  5. Sara Clark says:

    Amanda– You’re the mommy, you’d know where to get them. I’ve been a little out of touch with the 5 and under scene…I’ll do some research though, today, and get some. And a matching headband I think. I’m sure that will improve my lifts. 😉

  6. Meagan says:

    I love that our girls are beasts…when I first started cfw I loved watching Taylor and Dawn beast out WODs….I am still trying to be like them haha. I like that we have girls that.can lift more than our boys….CFW ladies are so bad awesome.

  7. Meredith says:

    I was one of the ladies who went to group exercise classes but always wondered what it would be like to just go over to the weights and do as I please. I would get on a typical non functional machine and constantly be looking around to make sure no dude was intimidating me or watching me as I mindlessly pressed the weight around. Immediately after joining Crossfit Wilmington I experienced what it was like to be around some heavy weights and feel confident and at ease. Thank you everyone for making the atmosphere at CFW a place where women at any age are able to go and lift not only beside but with the men!

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