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This weekend Scott and Tony travel to Savannah, GA for the American Weightlifting Championships.  Both are contenders for top placing in their age/weight classes and to qualify for Pan American Games.  Wish them success.


Complete the following for time:

400m run with sledge (16 / 12)
For however many seconds it takes to complete the run do that many sledge strikes
400m run with medicine ball (20 / 14)
50 Wall Ball shots

13 thoughts on “Wilmington Weightlifting headed to the American Championships

  1. Jeremy B. says:

    On a much lighter note than yesterday…..the last time we did a 6AM WOD where we ran with a sledge we were stopped by Wilmington Finest. Any objections to me bring in an old car stereo to carry in the other hand? …….kidding, kidding. see you all in the morning.

  2. Sensei says:

    Ya’ll can thank me for the 50 wall ball at the end of this wod! How could we run with a medi ball and not throw it at a wall?

    Get Some!

  3. Noelle says:

    Scott… you continue to inspire me each and every day! And t. – well done.

    All the years of running definitely did NOT prepare me for running with a sledgehammer this am! I’d love to see a 10K with that as a requirement. All those elite “runners” would be falling left and right!

  4. Noelle says:

    Hey all of you that travel to Raleigh frequently – any recommendations on a Crossfit there? I’ll be working from Raleigh three days a week now. The “CrossFit North Carolina” (Forged Fitness) is closest… but not sure if we have any connection with them? Thanks!!

  5. Peiwen says:

    Good luck Scott and Tony! You guys are going to do great!

    Noelle – Larry and I went to Forged Fitness a few times when we were in Raleigh, they are really good!

  6. Julie G. says:


    Crossfit Raleigh is in downtown Raleigh. Christmas, Channelle, and Kim are good people. 235 S. Salisbury Street Raleigh, NC 27601 Not far from Forged. but do not know anyoneat forged..

    Scott and t. you guys are going to do great. Scott dont think, just lift!!!!! Are we not suppossed to be inspired about anyone?? Just wondering? Scott you inspire me &^%&^% what anyone says and a sincere congratulations to Amanda and Joe.

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