CFW... raising the standard again.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Wilmington Strength & Conditioning…  Coastal Carolina’s only strength & conditioning facility co-located with a CrossFit affiliate.

Wilmington Strength & Condition is the result of the strategic pairing of CrossFit Wilmington and Next Level Training.  The combined effort has created a facility unlike and unmatched in the region.

CrossFit Wilmington is one of the top CrossFit Affiliates in the world and has been since our inception.  Our values and standards find their roots in the Special Operations Forces of the US Army and US Marine Corps.  It is no coincidence our facility provides the finest General Physical Preparation (GPP) and overall fitness training in the region.  CrossFit Wilmington’s higher standards for programming, instructor professionalism and knowledge, and ethical customer service are proved, time and again, by the results we provide our members and the finishes we gain at competitions.

Next Level Training, led by Coach Jared “Jrod” Olson, is home to over 25 years of experience in the arts of strength and power development.  Their program has produced champion athletes in Powerlifting, Strongman Competition, MMA, Kickboxing, and Olympic Weightlifting.  Next Level’s focus on educating their athletes in technique and the ‘why’ of the programs they use produce measurable results and a “smarter” client.  Jrod is also a Functional Nutritionist that specializes in lab interpretations. As an Advanced BioSignature Practitioner, he specializes in incorporating client’s lab results and BioSignature priorities and their training to yield great results, fast.  James Tatum rounds out the team with expertise in injury prevention, strength balancing and PIMST technique.

One of our core tenets is if you are not growing, you are moving backwards.  In accord with that belief, Wilmington Strength & Conditioning will provide the highest quality strength training available in Eastern North Carolnina.  The operational excellence you know CrossFit Wilmington for, will now be offered in a pure strength and conditioning program.

For more info and details, click here.

CrossFit Wilmington members, especially open gym members, are encouraged to enroll in Wilmington Strength & Conditioning Classes.  The education you will gain will be great.

The strength and conditioning equipment is solely for the use by Wilmington Strength & Conditioning members.  It will not be available for open gym training or CrossFit WODs.  

Melissa provides safety to Felice's incline bench work on the new WSC equipment. In three weeks, these two will be representing CrossFit Wilmington at the CrossFit Games Regionals Competition


5 Rounds for time…
10 Power Clean (155lbs/100lbs)
10 Clean High Pulls
10 Pull Ups
Rest 30 seconds

30 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Chrissy says:

    Congratulations on the new venture! JRod is an invaluable asset and his expertise will surely elevate our training to the next level… haha, see what I did there?! 😛

    In other news, are we working out tomorrow or what?

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Was wondering if we are working out at 5:30 am tomorrow??? Also, are there any spots left for Saturday’s Will K seminar?? If so, please save one for me! Thanks!

  3. Sensei says:

    I’ll come up with something fun for the am classes if there’s nothing posted by then.

    See you in the am peeps.

  4. Josh says:

    I remember when we never posted the WOD’s the night before. You had to come in to see them haha

  5. Jocelyn says:

    I was going to be there pre planned wod or not…now that I am back in town!! See y’all tomorrow bright and early! Haha!! Oh, and I was just early on the page…I see the wod now! 😉

  6. t. says:

    Soooo… do you think any other CrossFits out there are reading this thinking something like “Damn, CFW already has all the strongest athletes, what will they be like now!?!?!”?

    This is a great thing for the fitness community in Wilmington. Next Level’s strength development, CrossFit Wilmington’s GPP, and their combined focus on nutrition will take fitness and health has created one of the finest training facilities in the community.

    The Infrared Sauna is up and running and we are very excited about it. I just ran out of time to post all the details about it. They’ll be post in the morning.

    A huge thanks to everyone that helped with the move and set up of the new gear. I’m going home now…

  7. Sensei says:

    I must have checked just before T. posted as well, I do my best to check and be ready for the morning crew the night before. A little bit more of a challenge now as I try to schedule going to be earlier due to the baby.

    CONGRATS to ALL OF US on the new equipment and venture! I am excited to LIFT HEAVY OFTEN!

  8. Meagan says:

    Oh my…it is like waking up on Christmas morning. Fun toys! Did anyone leave Santa Almond Milk and Protein bars. Can’t wait to play with all of our new equipment. 🙂

    Oh and I second Thomas’ BOOM!

  9. No GOOD says:

    What a great day yesterday! It was awesome how we attacked the gym move CROSSFIT style!

    Thanks to my crew that helped with the disassemble and re-assemble of the INFRARED SAUNA. Also very proud that while Cam and I finished the assembly we had no extra screws or missing ones! BOOM!!!! SO the SAUNA is fully operational, stand by for the pricing. I will give classes for its use as needed. Keep in mind it takes 55 minutes to get to 105 plus degrees so plan accordingly. I will be using it everyday and very happy that it is now a part of CFW.

    Speaking of the adopted INFRARED SAUNA and the amazing benefits it can bring by releasing toxins from your body. I think IP needs to spend some time in there. I just read his comment from two days ago and I can not believe that Krispy Kream, NON PALEO eating Marine had the nerve to challenge me again. So many times he has tried this in the past and always ends with IP leaving early to get to the fresh donuts or I mean “goto another event” or stopping in the middle of the WOD to talk to someone or I guess you could call that active rest ha!. Hey IP , I did 405 DL for 3 the other day, but thinking about it that is probably what you are up to in body weight so you may have me there. Sorry but I don’t get excited about RUN times, I have a sticker and it reads 0.0 “I don’t run” , I’m retired, own two vehicles, have a few mountain bikes and lots of guns why do I need to run…oh its for charity and our warriors that’s why I make donations . But I guess 36 min is the best you could do with all that extra weight you have packed on. I mean the last time we shot together and you didn’t show up late or leave early you lost, and the time before that and the so on. As far as your athleticism, you need to concentrate on form, we have all seen you reverse curl you like to call a clean…. but my cell is the same I have the same desk at CFW so any time you want to Step UP and put down the hotdogs you know where to find me…

  10. No GOOD says:


    Sensei IP drew first blood not me…and I have been way to quite for way to long!

  11. Tanner says:

    To echo Ron’s comment we now have an infrared sauna at CFW. IR Sauna’s are highly touted for their benefits in detoxification and overall health and well being. Don’t expect to have to wait 50 min to use the sauna though, we’ll keep it warmed up for you. Stand-by for pricing details later today.

    In the meantime- we are offering all of our members free trial uses of the sauna today. Keep them to 30 min or less until you’ve become accustomed to the sauna and its effects on your body. Make sure to properly hydrate before and during the sauna.

    The new logo is awesome! I’m proud to be a part of CFW and its continued growth.

    No Good, you have me laughing out loud right now.

  12. Sensei says:

    Gaah!! I need to get into that Sauna! I bet it’s incredible.

    RNG, I don’t care who drew FIRST BLOOD That is some hilarious stuff right there! Thank you for bringing light into our lives. HA! Now that you say all that, I do have to say that I remember a time when IP would ask how you are, then ACTUALLY stick around for the answer! LOL

    Maybe now that I have a baby for him to kiss, he’ll stick around a little longer.

    Excellent wod today, and EXCELLENT WORK by the AM crews. Merritt and Chad both rocked it out RX’D.

  13. No GOOD says:

    Sensei, hilarious , true but hilarious!!!
    FYI to CFW I’m in the sauna now right after I finished today kick ass WOD!!! I forgot how good a sauna feels!!!

  14. No GOOD says:

    I like the links. But I see they stop at 2010,… And you cant call us haters. I guess it really had been too long with out the old school friendly trash talking. Because I was not hating just responding. Today is acutuly the first day I have posted in a long time. So I gotta ask which one of your staff members did you have look up the past pistol match info? Ha that is a joke… But read my post I said the last time we shot and the time before that, I didnt say 2 years ago. I have gotten better and I still have a better clean than IP. Again just friendly trash talking. At least I did tell you to check my Facebook page if I wanted to get ahold of you. This is by no means like that BS from 2 years ago.

  15. t. says:

    Group hug or fist fight? Is this CrossFit Wilmington or ClownFit Comfortable? Big boys are mean to each other… try to remain calm and not get your feelings hurt folks. If ya wanna play rough, you’re gonna get skuffed up.

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