Whether we are brand new to fitness, or we’ve been around for years, we could all use a coach. While it may seem like we outgrow the need for a coach or trainer there are certain things that a coach provides that we cannot get on our own, at least not a a greater extent.


A coach provides a plan. When left to our own devices, most of us neglect the things that we aren’t good at or that we don’t enjoy. A coach plans for that in advance and makes sure we are becoming well rounded.  While you may be able to plan for yourself, having an outside perspective ensures optimal progression.


A coach provides accountability. This is probably one of the most beneficial aspects of having a coach. They will make sure that you are doing the work and doing it right. They want you to show up each and and will call you out if you skip. A coach is in the fight with you, providing you constant guidance, and working with you towards your goal.


A good coach motivates. They know when to push and when to pull. Most of us are not intrinsically motivated, meaning we can’t motivate ourselves. A coach gives you that motivation and drives you forward daily and weekly. They can sense if you are dragging and will give you that extra bump when you need it most. That’s something that is nearly impossible to get on your own.


A coach is honest. They’ll tell you things you may not want to hear and you will be better for it. They recognize your weaknesses, point them out to you, and help you eliminate them. They are honest with you when no one else will be.


Finally, and most importantly a coach provides encouragement. They help you see past the little defeats to the bigger picture. We have a tendency to focus on the small stuff at the expense of the big. We get frustrated because we missed a 315 deadlift – a coach reminds you that only 6 months ago your max was 250. Coaches help you celebrate the wins, and move past the disappointments.


As a coach myself, even I need a coach. I’ve hired one many times and it is always well worth the money and effort spent. If you are looking for a coach and want to take the next step contact us for a free No Sweat Introduction.

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