Here at CrossFit Wilmington, our workouts are constantly varied. That’s one of the primary tenets of CrossFit, constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. We may do a workout one day and never repeat it again. There are of course similarities in many of our workouts, and our strength program follows a progression, but often we don’t repeat the exact same workout.

Tracking your workouts is very important to be able to assess your progress in many of the domains that we use in CrossFit. If you aren’t tracking, you may have to guess at what weights and movements to do. If the workout calls for heavy power cleans but you’re not sure what weight to use, you can look back at your past workouts and get an idea of your capabilities. If you just guessed, you may use 135 one day, 185 the next, and never really be progressing.

Tracking your workouts will allow you to progress with your gymnastics movements too. Be as detailed as possible when taking notes. Do you have to modify handstands? How did you modify? Continue to progress them as you grow.

The most important reason to track your workouts is to give your training perspective. Some days it gets tough in the gym, you feel like you’ve stagnated, but really you haven’t. Take a look back at your workout from 3 or 6 months ago and see how far you’ve come! It will show you that you are really improving, even on a tough day.

CrossFit Wilmington is proud to team up with Train Heroic to help you digitally track your workouts. We take all of the hassle out of it! If you are a member, follow along and post your scores here!