Traditional gyms are what we call access facilities. You pay for access and use of the equipment, but not much else. These gyms don’t particularly care if you show up or not, nor do they assist you in reaching your goals. They simply provide access.


In contrast, we are a coaching facility whose primary concern is athlete movement and progression. Our coaches care about our members’ goals, safety and progression.


Our coaches are here every time you are. We greet you, celebrate with you, and know how to adjust your workouts if necessary.


Our coaches provide accountability, we notice when you aren’t here. We want you here as often as you can be in order to reach your goals.


Our coaches build trust. Our athletes know who to ask if they’re unsure on what to do that day. They know who to go to for advice when things aren’t quite going their way.


Our coaches have been where you are. They are empathetic, and can help you get out of a training rut because they’ve been there before.


Our coaches celebrate with you. Your successes are our successes and we’re going to shout it from the rooftops!


Coaching, it’s what we do, and we’re proud of it!