Whitney R. Success Story and Podcast with Jimmy Moore
This Friday the 27th at 8am our own Whitney R. will be on Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore. Whitney has reversed her Multiple Sclerosis through a life style change of adopting the Paleo Diet and following the Crossfit Wilmington exercise program as well as starting up the blog nutrisclerosis.com. They will discuss her success along with current topics in the field of proper nutrition and exercise.
To listen to the podcast go to www.lowcarbconversations.com.

“Thanks so much for the support CFW gives me. In the beginning I was not only fat but the honey badger in me was honed. Eating paleo has just as much a mental effect as a physical effect. Under those layers of fat it was almost impossible for me to be kind and have any semblance of a good attitude. I was depressed and miserable and wanted everyone to be there with me. The effort Taylor put in to  getting me to CFW was superhuman. She knew it was the place I needed but getting me there was like getting blood from a stone. I’ll forever be in her debt. Also, imagine the hell that is Kashi Good Friends cereal every morning for breakfast and then spending hours on a treadmill with horrible results. Very frustrating! I love you guys forever and I thank you every day! I was diagnosed with MS going on 5 years ago and have been symptom free for about 2 years. And I have no bones about saying it is ALL due to CFW, the instructors, support system and information provided there.”
-Whitney Ross

Whitney before CFW and Paleo
Whitney today, over 2 years into her lifestyle reversal



20 thoughts on “Whitney’s Story – Beating Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Rosie says:

    I Love it!! You’re awesome Whitney, So proud of you. I’ll always be one of the first to sing the praises of CFW but don’t underestimate the hard work and drive you have put into your success!

  2. Josh says:

    Great stuff Whitney! It has been great watching your transformation over the last couple of years. The way you took your success and started up the nutrisclerosis group to help those facing the same issues you faced has been inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  3. Albert Steed says:

    Way to go Whitney!! I am super exicited for you! I have your site as one of the ones I give to people looking into Paleo and especially those interested in the AI Protocol. 🙂

  4. Will says:

    Wow, great work Whitney. I had no idea you had made such progress. It really is incredible the effects that an improved diet has on your body, not only in preventing disease, but even healing it

    Very few many gyms can claim even one member who has made a transformation on the level that CFW posts REGULARLY. It’s so inspiring to see these on such a consistent basis

  5. Jan-Michael says:

    Good job Whitney! Paleo is working great for me with the weight loss. Even before I started Paleo, (Thanks to JROD) I eliminated 95% of the Gluten from my diet and my lifelong sinus issues all but disappeared.

  6. Em says:

    HELL YEAH WHIT!! So very proud of you! Not only have you embraced the CFW fitness way of life, but applying the Paleo aspect so that it has helped you with your MS! AWESOME!!! I love that you are out there talking about it and helping others to see there is more than an life of meds and hoping that tomorrow is a better day. I wish I could bring you to work everyday to talk to patients. Keep up the great work!

  7. Kelly L says:

    Amazing, Whitney!! I’m so proud of you!! You are an inspiration! Hope you dont mind, but I use you as an example to my clients all the time!!

  8. Meagan says:

    Whitney…..you freakin rock! I am so proud of you….what an amazing story. you are an inspiration to all. So thankful CFW found you….you rock girl

  9. Amanda W says:

    There are so many places to look for inspiration at CFW, but this is where it starts. Whitney, you have made amazing gains not just for sheer vanity, but for a better, healthier life. I think what you’re doing is amazing. Your thirst for knowledge and efforts to educate others just shows that it’s possible to change one person at a time…and you’re kicking ass doing it. So proud!

  10. jillp says:

    Not only is Whitney an inspiration for fitness, she is also a inspiring person, mom and writer! If you follow her on facebook, you will see how she really has a gift for clear, concise, and witty (haha) descriptions of her life and discoveries.
    She also gives amazing food recommendations and chronicles of her eating style, which I really enjoy! Great Job W!!!!

  11. Sensei says:

    Wow Whitney,

    That is some really incredible stuff. SO excited and just astonished for you. I knew that you were doing great things but to see the contrast in those pics and to see what you accomplish in the gym every day is so powerful and awe inspiring.

    Thank you Whitney.

  12. Tanner says:

    I had no idea how far you have come. Your dedication to helping others with MS shows how great of a person you are. I have personally referred someone that I know with MS to your website. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

  13. Miss Lisa Lu says:

    Pssh…big deal…JUST KIDDING! You rock, girl! And as someone who knew (and somehow managed to love) fat Whitney, let me say that this new incarnation is just a reflection of the goodness that was always inside. You are an inspiration….thanks for dragging me along the path…


  14. Sara Clark says:

    Hey guys– finally trying to start getting on the supplement train a little at a time. Is there a difference or pro/con to BCAAs as tablets or powder? Anyone got a reasonably priced one they’d recommend so I dont have to stand in vitamin shoppe or GNC like a lost puppy…? Also, saw some that are BCAA + glutamine– is that better? I know glutamine was recommended, but I get lost in all the delivery mechanisms, carriers, etc

  15. Jen S. says:

    Look How freaking cute you are Whitney!!! You are an awesome poster child for CFW and all that it teaches. Sooo proud of you! You’ve come a long way baby!! 🙂

  16. Taylor Brown says:

    @ Whitney, I haven’t met you yet, but your story is truly inspiring!

    @ Sara – I have the same question. I got some “Max Amino” caps from Lovey’s Market, but they don’t have any delivery mechanism. Also they break down the serving sizes by amino acid (40-180mg each per serving), so I’m not sure if I’m getting as many total grams daily as t. recommends. Any recs would definitely be appreciated!

    Also I wanted to give a shout-out to Jan from yesterday’s post. Not only has he lost weight, but his strength is through the roof. He was killing it on Tue’s shoulder presses. Nice!

  17. t. says:

    Yesterday Whitney and I had a chance to reflect on the first time we met. She told me, with quite a bit of attitude, that she “had her own ideas about how to get fit”. I nodded and smiled but thought to myself “maybe you should consider others”. I never thought she’d join CFW, much less make the changes she has.

    Whitney is proof all you have to do is make a decision to get healthy and you will.

    Sara… Capsules are better but powder is easier to deliver. 20-30 caps at a time turns some folks off. BCAAs in powder contains artificial sweeteners and don’t dissolve completely in water. Either way, you should take .25 x BW in grams (so approx 30g for you) during or post workout and another dose of the same amount at wake.

  18. taylor says:

    Well, Im sure its no suprise that I think my sister is the bomb and that I am so happy with her accomplishments. You all know- when you like something (well, LOVE something) you want the people in your life to share it and share in the enthusiasm. CFW and Paleo lifestyle was like that to me, and I wanted my sister on board. It was not easy. In the end, I won. Boy, that feels good to say. Ill just say it again in case everybody out there missed it: I’M THE YOUNGER SISTER AND I HAD AN IDEA, AND IT WAS REALLY COOL AND IT ROCKED, AND YOU (BIG SISTER) WOUND UP LIKING IT TOO! Yep, that about says it all. Good job Whit and everybody else at CFW (there are LOTS) who are being smart humans, taking controll of their lifesyles and health, and choosing not to suck at life. Keep up the hard work!

  19. Dawn O says:

    @ Sarah
    Poliquin’s BCAA’s have the perfect Amino Acid blend with fast delivery – as in if 1 gets stuck on the way down your coughing powder. They are $53 for a bottle of 500 and you can get a 10% discount if you have done a consult with t. or JROD which makes them $48.
    I love the BCAA’s and swallowing 20-30 pills is no biggie when you heal faster and stay leaner.
    Shoot me an email if you are interested in avoiding the whole daze of vitamin shops and what to buy and want to get top of the line supplements delivered straight to CFW.
    We deliver every Friday and you can just email your order ahead of time if you have a house account.
    Email is jrodtrained@gmail.com

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