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[dropcap type=”simple”]T[/dropcap]“Thanks so much for the support CFW gives me. In the beginning I was not only fat but the honey badger in me was honed. Eating paleo has just as much a mental effect as a physical effect. Under those layers of fat it was almost impossible for me to be kind and have any semblance of a good attitude. I was depressed and miserable and wanted everyone to be there with me. The effort Taylor put in to  getting me to CFW was superhuman. She knew it was the place I needed but getting me there was like getting blood from a stone. I’ll forever be in her debt. Also, imagine the hell that is Kashi Good Friends cereal every morning for breakfast and then spending hours on a treadmill with horrible results. Very frustrating! I love you guys forever and I thank you every day! I was diagnosed with MS going on 5 years ago and have been symptom free for about 2 years. And I have no bones about saying it is ALL due to CFW, the instructors, support system and information provided there.”
-Whitney Ross