You are the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. How many of us have spent time with some friends with accents and slowly pick up on and start using those accents? Whether we mean to or not, the people who surround us directly influence our behaviors.


Now let’s take this a step farther and direct it to your fitness, because after all, this is a fitness blog.


If you are the sum of your five closest friends, how are they influencing you? Do they push you to do more, to succeed, to make yourself better? Or do they drag you down?


Think about it, are your friends constantly hounding you about your “weird” eating habits? Do they think you trying to eat a healthier diet is a waste of time? Do they insist that you accompany them to restaurants and eat unhealthy just like they do? Are they sloths that sit around on the couch all day lacking ambition?


On the flip side, do you have friends who call you out if you skip too many days at the gym? Do they encourage you to reach your health goals? Are they ambitious too, trying daily to improve and achieve great things?


If your friends are like the former, they aren’t helping you. As much as we try to avoid it, our friends directly affect how we behave and act. If your friends lack motivation and goals, then slowly but surely you’ll find your ambition sapped by their laziness. You may not mean for it to happen, but you’ll see yourself slowly slipping into their habits, just like the example above of dropping into an accent after spending time with people with accents.


Unfortunately your one hour per day at the gym can’t outrun the rest of the influences in your life. Take a look at who you’re spending the most time with and what sort of influence they have upon you. If you have some excess negativity in your life, I encourage you to find some more positive influences. Don’t drop your friends, but  find more time to spend with like-minded individuals, not energy sappers.


Surround yourself with positive influences and you’ll be better for it.