Athletes and trainees will argue on end that their coach is better than the next. Coaches will in turn argue that they or their staff are the best in the business. For one reason or another, most coaches think they are the best.

Well, if everyone is the best, then no one is. It’s a catch-22.

There are however, a few traits that make a really good coach. It’s something to look for in the next coach you hire or train under.

  • Do they understand your goals? Do they have a plan to get you to that point?
    • Has this coach worked with athletes like you in the past?
  • Does your coach provide you feedback?
  • Does your coach listen to your feedback?
    • Can they make adjustments on the fly?
  • Are they able to articulate WHY you are training the way you are?
  • Is your coach empathetic? Do they understand how your daily training affects you?
    • Do they care about how you are feeling?

Those are a few traits that make a good coach. Look for them.

Notice we did not include “being a good athlete” as a requisite for being a good coach. Often times the best athletes are not the best coaches because they are naturally good at what they do. They may not know how to cue and correct because it’s always come easy to them. However, there are plenty of good coaches that are great athletes, they are not mutually exclusive.

Find a coach who understands you, communicates well, and knows their sport. If they can clearly give you a path to your goals, they will be one to stick with.