It’s been a heck of a 3 months getting to know everyone, implementing some new systems, new training methods, and learning the ins and outs of CFW. As my third month as owner of CFW winds down and we roll into spring, I’ve been doing a some thinking as to what CrossFit Wilmington is – what makes us special and who we are.

We are constantly striving for improvement, not necessarily perfection, but we aim to provide a product and service that we are proud of. Something that you are proud to be a part of and can embrace every day when you walk in the door. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

CFW is:


First and foremost YOU are the heart and soul of what makes CrossFit Wilmington great. You go out of your way to introduce yourselves to a new member. Cheer on the last finisher of the workout, and give everyone a high five at the end. You get up early to workout, or you come in after work even if you’re tired. You make the gym a priority, and in turn as a staff we make you a priority.


We have members and coaches from all walks of life that train at our facility. You can find people from age 13 to 60 with a variety of backgrounds. We have athletes that are competitive in CrossFit, powerlifting, strongman, and endurance events. If you’re looking for role models we have them!

If you’re looking to try something new we have coaches or athletes that are very good at what they do. You can look up to them, model after them, and work towards success. Our broad range of athletes can motivate the novice competitor up to the expert.


While we may have some competitive folks at CFW, we aren’t elitist. If someone finishes a workout ahead of the rest of the class, we’ll stick around and cheer the rest of you on to the end. Our top CrossFit Open competitors will finish their workout, and 5 minutes later coach you through your first ever session at CFW. We are giving and welcoming, and truly want to see everyone succeed.

Bright Spots

We aim to take our time at the gym to highlight what you’re doing well. It’s human nature to focus heavily on the negative, without taking a look at what’s going right. We’d like to flip that at CFW. When you get a PR we are going to celebrate that with you! If you’ve lost 5 lbs this week we’re going to celebrate with you! Of course if there are things you want to improve at, we will help you with that, but we want to highlight the bright spots!

We know what we are at CFW, I also want to discuss a few things that we are not. These are things that you may find at other gyms, but we aim to eliminate them from our facility.


CFW is not:

One Coach

Our coaching staff is interchangeable. We are the sum of all of our coaching staff. Our coaches do not aim to outshine one another, instead they work with each other to give you the best possible gym experience. Our collective experience across multiple fields gives us a skill set and knowledge base to most effectively help our membership reach their goals.

One Athlete or Group

CFW is not only about one athlete, or group. We aren’t just for new folks, nor are we just for seasoned CrossFit veterans. We aren’t just for lifters or just for runners. Our variety in membership is what makes us great. We have the space and equipment to train specialty programs in multiple sports while still retaining our community feel. We treat all athletes equally and with respect and support them whether their goals are big or small.

Just One Goal

At CFW, we realize that not everyone has the same goal. We won’t create your goals for you, we’ll sit down and determine exactly what you want to get out of training with us. Maybe it’s weight loss, maybe it’s muscle building, whatever your goal, we will find the way to best help you reach it!


At CFW we promise to make you our priority. You are the core of what we do. We aim to make your visit to CrossFit Wilmington the highlight of your day. Keep coming in, and we’ll keep pushing you towards your goals.