Most religions and spiritual teachings tell us, in one way or another, that our bodies are temples and should be treated as such.  So no matter your spiritual affiliations, your higher power tells you to take care of yourself.  Yet more and more Americans treat their bodies like a single wide in a backwoods Appalachia trailer home.
We know the ice cream, bread, beer, cake, and other junk is detrimental to our health.  So why do we keep cramming it in day after day?

Some things are just funny. Nature beats nurture no matter how “civilized” we become.

Our parents knew better, but they fed us McNuggets and fries and gave us Mountain Dew to wash it all down.  They would “reward” the family with a pizza night or trip to the Ice Cream shop.  You know better, but you do the same for your kids…  or do you?  Let’s face it, it’s as much for you as it is for your youngans.

I guess this is one of those things we can just blame our folks for, huh?  ha.

We all know the junk we are eating is making us unhealthy and squashing our fat loss and wellness goals, but we put it in our mouths anyway.

Fun should be healthy.  Rewards should be positive.  They should support your goals, not oppose them directly.
The Fuzzy Peach, Cold Stone, Boombalatti’s, or Brrberry may serve a nice dose of serotonin producing yummy crap, but it’s also your way of derailing your goals.  You do not have to eat junk.

Don’t let marketing coerce you into bad choices.

Your body deserves better treatment from you.

When did Cheating Become a Reward: Part 1

Nope, I’m calling BS on the cheat meal.  If you’re looking for a fitness pro to tell you it’s ok to schedule a cheat meal or day, I’m not it.  I can’t comprehend how rewarding  yourself with something bad for you is considered ok by so many fitness minded people.

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When did Cheating Become a Reward:  Part 2

So my post on the cheat meal yesterday was written late on Sunday evening and admittedly, it sounds more harsh than I intended.  It actually wasn’t a rant.  Ha.

I didn’t necessary mean not to ever eat junk food.  The point I wanted to convey most was that the cheat day shouldn’t take precedence in your mind over the reward of the benefits of eating healthy. . .

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Thomas, with the face of determination. Deadlift 465 lbs for sets of 2.

Crossfit – Day4/ Week 5

Work up to a 5 RM

4 Rounds for time…
10 Thrusters (135/85)
50 Double Unders
* Compare you time to Day 4/ Week 1 

9 thoughts on “What Did You Do To Deserve to Be Treated So Badly?

  1. t. says:

    Don’t get mad at me Colleen… my boys ate better than most of us. Ha. They were both raised on raw meat. The bill became ridiculous once Brodur starting eating like a teenager. I used to chop it all up with an indian hatchet and they’d devour it, bones and all… primal as it gets. The last month they were raw, those two hounds ate approx 200lbs of chicken thighs, gizzards, livers, beef, and ham hocks. They still get a no grain, all meat doggie food though.

    Get to it Thomas. You and Andrew have been putting the work in on that lifting cycle. Good stuff.

  2. Meagan says:

    Hell Yeah Thomas!!!! You were thinking about lunch weren’t you….haha…stole your line…my bad. NOT!

  3. Sensei says:

    “determination”. WRONG!

    That’s the face of DESTROMINATION!!

    I had the pleasure of lifting in that set with Thomas and Andrew. NOTHING like putting a crap load of weight on the bar, and turning up AC/DC on the stereo until you’re so pumped that you scream at birds and spit on the ceiling.

    It felt almost as manly as those who cut there dog food up with authentic indian hatchets.

  4. t. says:

    Having just read best modal domain’s making fun of the silliness that is Rx Star, I truly appreciate your use the of the term destromination.

  5. Thomas says:

    going old school CFW with the chucks, loud music, our resident super trooper and team afroninja lifting big boy weights! Yes megan I was also thinking about lunch after that set! Determined to lift big so i could justify a big clean post workout meal.

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