Showing women every where you don’t have to get fat and lazy when pregnant… Amanda doing “weighted pulls ups” and “Full ROM” push ups two days before she gave birth to Hank.  Congratulations Amanda and Joe!
Are there any bets on how many days before Amanda is back in here?

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23 thoughts on ““Weighted Pull Ups”?

  1. Tracy says:

    Amanda you are my inspiration!! Amanda told me she wanted to keep doing pull ups until baby Hank came, she said she did 8 that day in a row!! Go mama!!

  2. Noelle says:

    Amanda… you’re awesome. Can’t wait till your back in action – your first day at the box… you’ll STILL kick my ass! 🙂

  3. Scott S says:

    Amanda is Amazing!! Maybe we should all strap a 35 pound weight to our middle and do some WODS!

    Hey, shout out for Chris Johnson who smoked the competition in the WB Paddleboard/Run Biathlon, winning by 8 minutes! Way to go, Chris, now you have Ms. Pat wanting to go out on the board.

  4. Abs says:

    A Dubb in the house! Hank is pure AWESOMENESS!!!!!
    Amanda is gonna get on that pullup bar in like mmmm5-6 weeks and probably end up doing a back flip because of how strong she became killing WODS with 35 extra pounds…
    Hank has some great role models!

  5. Stephen G. says:

    Is a pregnant woman doing a few pull ups and pushes really that amazing? Really?

    Or is the perception that any woman doing a few pull is so very awesome that it is almost impossible for an american to think a woman pregnant can do physical work.

    I am sure Amanda is great person, woman, and will be mother.

    It is sad our culture thinks this is great and amazing. It should be common.

  6. Whitney says:

    Amanda, there is no doubt that you are a world wide stand out among all women. It’s f’ing cool as hell that you worked out like this. I can’t wait to meet Hank. I have no words for Stephen G. I’m going to choose to perceive his post as a backhanded compliment combined with sarcasm gone awry. No one can be that negative, for real. And I am looking forward to NO GOOD getting back on this blog since he’ll be killing time down at Bagram for the next 4 months.

  7. Abs says:

    Stephen G….you have never been pregnent. You have never felt the discomfort that goes along with being an incubator for a growing human being that sits on your bladder and spreads your abdominals to the point of no control let alone the amazing amount of pressure that is placed on your hips, spine and lungs when you are as pregnant as Amanda is in these pictures. So yes her TOUGHING it out for the better health for herself and her child is a testiment to the kind of woman she is and mom she NOW is. So yep it is AMAZING…with a little training most individuals will be able to do a “few pullups and pushups” this goes WAY beyond training. I can understand getting fat and lazy while pregnant. I DID IT…ugh the pictures are so baaaaaad. I fixed my mind set for the 2nd pregnancy….but damn…Tashana and Amanda working out up until their due dates is inspirartional.

  8. Noelle says:

    Let’s make sure we note… Amanda did SO much more than a “few pull ups and push ups.” I mean… please. Her dedication exceeded most MEN in this country who have no excuse. She did The Chief workout with me, was patient with herself…. and still smoked me. It IS awesome.. and something that women AND MEN in this country should admire.

  9. Stephen G. says:

    Go around the world and see that women actually have to work and you’ll find they do so up until the day to birth the child. They don’t get 6-8 wks off after either. They don’t gain 70-80lbs because they ate everything in sight. Tney don’t make excuses for themselves nor do they slap each other on the back and “good job, your are so great” each either for doing what is common.
    The comment I posted wasn’t an insult to women or AManda. Sarcastic, yes a little. Negative defiinetely not.

    Whitney is at least smart enough to see part of what I was saying. Abby is the typical “defender” of the “poor pregnant” lady. Yes, clearly I have no baby. Just as clear as Abby is one of the women who has got fat. Hence the fussy, militant ranting. But Abby makes my case. I didn’t say Amanda sucked. I said what she did should be common. I said it is sad that it is not. It is inspirational. Rather it should be. Instead, most lazy american women and MEN see her as the exeption.

    Everything done at Crossfit gyms is “amazing”. F**k that. it isn’t. Losing 30lbs. Doing pull ups or deadlifting Really? Just don’t eat so much and workout. We (humans) are supposed to do all the stuff we do at the gym. It’s just messed all up that we think it’s special. The common is now uncommon. But it is not AMAZING.

    Again, it is sad our people, our culture, thinks such basic stuff is so damn AMAZING.

    And of course Noele wants compare to men. That is also typical. A sexist and childish form of na nah na nah boo boo applied to a topic she knows little about. Discipline. The topic was pregnant women and the lack of it. But you are right Noele. Men are fatties too. Lazy and with no respect for themselves. Now, maybe you should reexamine your own fitness, discipline, and dedication. I mean, you let a pregnant women beat you at workout.

  10. t. says:

    It seems the cultural aspects of fitness and wellness are too deep for this comments page today.

    It’s easy to jump all over our shit pot stirring Steven. I bet he expects it. But he’s not wrong. Our culture thinks women doing 1 pull is an accomplishment. So a pregnant woman doing them two days before birth is no less than.

    I too have been places where the women don’t have the luxuries and donuts and ice cream we have. In their world they don’t need gyms. They work in fields and factories. They would think us all absurb for wasting the time to type these well thought comments.

    I dig what Steven is saying about our views of fitness. We all know Amanda and Tashana are different than most women. But is it so crazy to suggest what they did during pregnancy shouldn’t be more common?

    I’ve never been pregnant and hope I never am… but that won’t stop me from saying I think women that get fat and don’t stay active are lazy and undisciplined. Worse, it’s unhealthy for the child. The problem isn’t an individual thing. Luckily, the common MD’s recommendations are to be active and eat healthy while pregnant. That’s a start.

    Abby is only 50% lazy during prego times! ha.

  11. Abs says:

    Steve did you just call me fussy….serious? Do you know me? in that case you would know that fussy isn’t a term that should be used when dealing with my character. I form no excuses for being a fatass pregnant lady nor do I excuse you for simply not knowing that doing what women do while pregnant deserves some recognition…hell being pregnant and child bearing deserves recognition…go give the woman who birthed or raised you a hug…she deserves it.

  12. t. says:

    “There’s no evidence whatsoever that men are more rational than women. Both sexes seem to be equally irrational.” – Albert Ellis

  13. Joe Welliver says:

    Hey Stephen,
    I don’t know who you think you are or wear you think your coming from. My wife Amanda is awesome. The reason for the today’s post was to encourage women to be active and to be a good example. But for some reason some people see someone doing it the right way and have to find a way to belittle it or bring it down.
    The women of CFW are the strongest and most intense women I have ever met and I grew up in the mountains. They don’t bullshit and they don’t make excuses. You need to go to another site and post about normal women not our super women.
    Oh and by the way my wife did work at her job up until the day of birth and even worked out the day prior to birth. She posted a 7:30 Fran time deep into her pregnancy with no scaling.


    PS-Fuck whatever your agenda is and go find another site to post it on.
    PSS-Don’t fuck with the CFW women they will mess you up.

  14. Tracy says:

    Well I would just like to share from a woman who is 5 in a half months preggo and each day I come into CFW that is where I feel my best!!!! While I am creating this miracle I am also lifting, squatting and deadlifting! I could not do it without CFW and the benefits that I am getting through this pregnancy. The am crew is constantly encouraging and cheering me on. Thanks team! Amanda is my inspiration who has been so helpful with her advice and I continue to look up to her as an amazing role model! Thanks Mama!!

  15. Hunter says:

    All I know is that women doing CFW wods while preggo is badass. I
    Also know that Amanda and Abby could prolly stomp ur ass in any wod.
    The last thing I have to say is Joe is a big mother scratcher and I think
    it not wise to insult the women who just birthed his son… Just sayin!

  16. Amanda Welliver says:

    I actually agree with you to some extent. While your argument is fairly solid, your delivery sucks. Should pregnant women get a free pass? Absolutely not. And if you knew me, you would know that I never made excuses or expected adoration or praise for my physical achievements while pregnant (or not pregnant for that matter). Pregnancy isn’t an illness – it’s a condition. It’s no different than any challenged individual excelling at a workout. But to say that my efforts were anything short of out-of-the-ordinary is quite the insult.

    Crossfit’s slogan “Forging ELITE Fitness” says it all. All of us are amazing in our own respect. To expect crossfit to become a societal norm is absurd. In fact, isn’t that what draws us to the gym each day? Our aspiration to be something greater than “normal”?

    And a side note – having a baby is far from “common.” It is single-handedly the most AMAZING (yes, I used the A word again) feat a woman can accomplish. Every woman who endures pregnancy and childbirth deserves much more than a slap on the back. Clearly your expectations of amazing entails some sort of narcissitic ideal that none of us give two shits about.

    Thank you all for the positive comments. Your support throughout the pregnancy played a large part in what made my delivery so successful. The doctors and nurses WERE AMAZED that I had contractions for 15 hours before even entering the hospital…that I walked into by the way.
    And last thing, Stephen – let’s workout. I’ll show you what amazing is all about.

  17. Andrew says:

    Since when did this website turn into a popularity contest? The majority of people on here were so quick to jump on someone they don’t view as one of their own, that they failed to read what he actually wrote. Was his opinion stated in a way that was likely to provoke retaliation? Absolutely, though I suspect this may have been a secondary motive. It doesn’t change the substance of his statement, or the fact that he isn’t wrong in what he said. Society, as a whole, has become soft to the point that situations like Amanda’s (congratulations by the way) appear extreme. Is it a surprise that we’re referred to as fat, lazy Americans by the rest of the world? When you have a society in which competition is looked down upon; where pushups cause a 7 day stay in the hospital and a public outcry (read tomorrow’s article); when being fat, lazy, or a leech on society is viewed as okay; is it a stretch of the imagination that a pregnant woman staying healthy and productive is viewed as anything other than extraordinary? Most Americans are soft, mentally and physically. Nobody wants to call a spade a spade because it may cause confrontation. Someone’s feelings may get hurt. Some poor soul may be oppressed.

    “The speed of the human mind is remarkable. So is its inability to face the obvious.”

    SIMON MAWER, The Gospel of Judas

  18. Steven G. says:

    Wow. I was refered to CFW’s sight by a guy who knows Tony. He said your Crossfit gym is the best he’s ever seen. ‘a no bullshit place full of hard mutherf**kers” were his words exactly. I guess that is not the case. Some of you got your feelings hurt for no reason. A few militant females responded typically with no thought or sense about their ranting. I’ll not readdress them. It does no good. They will still be emotional and ignorant when they wake up each day. But , also I didn’t want to leave it as is.

    Joe,first and foremost, in no way was I insulting your wife. I apologize for my delivery. I wasn’t attempting to detract from her and what she did. I too think it is great. No need to get so worked up fella. Temper tantrums are for kids that disagree. You and I share the thoughts, relax. I bet she was a tough one before the pregnancy and will be now. I have two children. Both are AMAZING. My wife completed two triathlons and competed in the Crossfit regional competions (placed 8th) while pregnant with our second. She was actually the one who gave me my point of view on this. Everyday she would make light of her condition and took pride in being more fit than the “fatters” she saw everyday. She gained only 30lbs with our first and less than that with number two.

    Again ladies and gents, I was saying what Amanda did should be common. Just reread my posts.

    Tracy, yes, you could do it without Crossfit W. No ones picking you up from your couch each day and taking yoo to your workout. You make that decision. You could thrive anywhere. Continue doing it!

    Hunter, don’t assume. The internet makes us all tough. I’d be fine in the times before Al Gore invented it. But it’s cool that you stick up for your own.

    Thomas, Boom? And I thought Noele’s (spell it how I want) and Abby’s comments where ignorant.

    Andrew, a gunslinger no doubt. It’s funny how people who have a gun on their hip as by trade are usually calm and cool and acutally think about what they say before they say it. Our american brother and sisters take their tongues for granted. Maybe Crossfit W. is a cool as my buddy said.

    Amanda, the same sincerest apologies to you as your husband. I’m glad you posted. Before you did i thought to myself I bet she is the one woman in that gym who understands what I am saying. And so be it. You, just like my wife, probably said to yourself many times that you aren’t doing anything anymore special. Just that others are lazy. I’m glad you did it. More should. Maybe they will because of you and Crossfit W.

    Crossfit people are supposed to be tough. Don’t allow someone like me, who most of you agree with, to get you all worked up. Remember the saying – “Opinions are like a**holes”.

  19. Amanda Welliver says:

    Thanks for your apology, Stephen. While we pride ourselves in being bad ass, we also pride ourselves in being a tight knit family. And like any tight knit family, we will defend our own and quickly jump to do it. While your timing wasn’t great (I’m just now a week postpartum), I do agree with what you’re saying to some degree. Hopefully America’s fitness ideals will catch up with that of crossfit’s….one day. I assure you that CFW is the finest place to train with the most experienced bad-asses of them all…who happen to be sensitive to their pregnant ladies. Please don’t let this alter your attitude toward our gym. CFW is full of loving, caring people who’s support and true grit knows no bounds.

    And I was serious about that workout 😉

  20. Emily says:

    Wow! So many interesting comments. I delayed commenting as I knew an initial response from me would be emotional, not logical. Stephen G., as you have already admitted, the delivery of your idea was lacking, but I agree with the concept. When I was pregnant with both of our children, I was encouraged to relax, not participate in anything strenuous, walking was the most I should do. That was a mere 10 years ago, and with further study, learned it was not for my health or well being, or that of my unborn children, it was the fear of the medical provider . Fear that somehow if something happened, poorly, during the pregnancy that could somehow be attributed to my exercising, that I would somehow blame them. In this “lets sue everybody” country, I understand it a little. It is refreshing to see the medical community now is encouraging people, as long as safe, to continue physical activity, especially during pregnancy. Our ancestors, even grandmothers, often worked the farm from sun up to sun down while pregnant, with very basic equipment, delivered the baby, and went right back to work the next day with the baby strapped on. Our society encourages laziness. I’ve fallen prey to it more often than I really want to admit. Fat ass, yep, been there done that. But, its the reminders that we get from time to time of people like Amanda who didn’t listen to the people that told her to “take it easy…you’ll hurt yourself and the baby…yadda yadda yadda” that those of us that have lost sight of what is real get the bitch slap to wake up. So, while ill worded in presentation, Stephen G., thank you for bringing up the fact that continuing fitness through a variety of life changes should not be considered extraordinary, it should be the norm. Amanda, you know I think what you did during your pregnancy was wonderful, and I think you will find that not only the delivery was easy (and fast) but because of your determination to not take the easy way out, your recovery will be fast as well. And the example you and Joe have set for your son, now that’s the amazing part…were we all so lucky as children to have fitness encouraged as a normal part of life. Stephen G and Amanda, thank you for my wake up call…to not take the easy way out, to stop listening to people telling me to “take it easy” for the past year after this stupid injury and forcing me to take a hard look at myself.
    Oh, and I want a front row on the workout match up between Amanda and Stephen…now THAT would be an amazing thing to watch!!

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