Amanda W. working on power development.  180lbs Power Clean


Tip: Spend 3-5 minutes performing myofascial release on your feet each day to release tension in your entire body.

Joro will have yoga classes today at:

9:00 am
10:15 am
12:15 pm
6:30 pm

If you have yet to attend a class, come try it out. The first class is on us.

7 thoughts on “Myofascial Release – Sauna – Yoga

  1. Josh says:

    Everyone come in and take a Yoga class today.

    Don’t forget to register for the Step up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run this Saturday. Sign up sheets are located in the lobby for both Individual and 4 person Teams. Make sure to return forms and money to CFW before Friday at noon. Only $35 for all CFW/ WSC/ Joro members!

  2. Amanda W says:

    Thanks, peeps! Hope to hit 190 by 2013…it would be a great 30th birthday present. Speaking of GOALS, t wrote an article on goal setting in January….did you write your goals down? Time to go back and look and evaluate. You have 2 months to hit the year end goals. Have you hit them? What can you do to get there?

  3. Sara Clark says:

    Way to go Amanda!

    On the goals note: I started the year with big ambitions, but injury got in the way. Not to worry– I changed ’em up as needed, and while I’m not where I thought I’d be right now, workout and crossfit wise, I have made some real progress in strength and diet, as well as personally and professionally (don’t forget your outside-the-box life!). Even if things haven’t gone quite the way you planned, take a moment to think about what you have accomplished, and what you still want to get done before 2012 runs out!

  4. t. says:

    Amanda continues to get stronger and more powerful… it has been and is a pleasure to train and train with this monster.

    When you watch a vid like this, do say to yourself “I want to do do that one day”? Or do you say something like “I’ll never be able to do that”?

    When Amanda and Joe came over to old gym, Amanda couldn’t hit a 135lbs clean, much less a 180lbs PC. But I bet when she saw Dawn lift for the first time, she said to herself she wanted to do that and NOT that she’s never be able to.

    A couple years later and you have Amanda… a wife and mother, a professional, and a CFW monster.

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