3 thoughts on “Wednesday Mobility

  1. LTB says:

    everyone worked so hard on the Mjolnir! it was really cool to see so many guys and girls climbing up the rope tonight without legs. i know it was the first attempt for many. i also loved coming and going from the box and seeing everyone running with hammers! what an awesome site. great work all around! onward to god and goddess status!

  2. Cody says:

    Great job to everyone who participated in Mjolnir the past 2 day days. Work hard and stay focused to reach your goals for next time. Everyone is capable of great improvement. Come check out a mobility class to maintain proper care of your bodies.

  3. t. says:

    There’s something special about seeing everyone push themselves to score as high as they can.
    Want more? Want and desire motivates most of us to do most of the things we do. While we are not going to train to the Mjolnir test per se, we will be working on all the things that will improve your test score. If you want to work on muscle up or rope climbs, come early, stay late or come in on Wednesdays and ask an instructor for help.

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