Heck yeah… the CFW beach workouts are serious workouts that leave the most fit of us run into the ground.  They typically take the fastest participants over 30 minutes.  They are not a quick little workout we throw together just to get a little sun rays.  They are sand in your crack, salt water in your eyes burning, smoke sessions.  We figure if we’re going to go through the troubles of getting equipment to the beach and fighting for parking, we are going to put on a challenging workout that we all can appreciate!

But they’re only as tough as you make them and they are loads of fun.  Like everything we do, the beach workouts are scalable to any fitness level.  For those who feel comfortable, we swim.   We look forward to the rough days when getting in and out of the surf is a workout in and of itself!  But if you’re not comfy in ocean, we have alternate exercises.  We don’t want anyone to think there’s any pressure to swim.

If you’ve not, come on out and try the best outside workout in Wilmington.  Don’t worry, after a few showers, the sand washes out.


Today’s Hours

6:15 a.m. Beach WOD
8 a.m. Gym Opens
5:30 p.m. Gym Closes
6:15 p.m. Beach WOD

Chuck performing a box step in yesterday's workout. The box steps develop balance, a skill often overlooked in CrossFit programming.


Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3 (2/1/x/0)
Lying Tricep Extensions 6-6-6-6 (3/0/x/0)
Chin-ups 5 sets of Max reps

100 Sledgehammer swings (16/10) for time…

Olympic Weightlifting

Hang Snatch Shrug Pull 4 reps x 3 sets
Hang Snatch High Pull 4  x 3
Muscle Snatch 4 x 3
Snatch Press 4 x 3
Use only up to a weight as you can maintain excellent form… and that is less than you think you can.
Focus on Stance and Grip with each rep.

50 Sledgehammer swings (16/10) for time…

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