CFW Individual Regional Competitors

Crossfit Wilmington will be represented this weekend at the Mid Atlantic Regional by Individual Competitors Felice  and John Z. Felice finished the 2012 CF Open ranked 32 overall. John Z.  is making his third consecutive trip to the CF Regionals, finishing 13th overall in the Open. John Z. finished 5th overall in last years Mid Atlantic Region and looks to top that this year.

Good luck to Felice, John Z and our CFW Affiliate Team as they make strong run this weekend towards the CF Games in California!

JZ preps for competition with 100 lb dumbbell snatches.
Felice receives a 115 lb snatch during the snatch ladder. She finished with a 140 lb snatch a few lifts later.


We will be doing all of the final weigh-ins and body fat tests throughout today. There are over 50 people in the competition; we will get you all measured quickly and efficiently.  You do not have to sign up, just be prepared for a little wait if you are here during our busy hours.


For time…
50 Reps of Ground to Shoulder to Overhead (155/115)
5 Burpee’s EMOM
* Start WOD with 5 Burpee’s

12 thoughts on “CFW Individual Regional Competitors

  1. Renee says:

    I’m disappointed in the small amount of tickets bought to support our competitors going to Regionals. SInce I have been a member, CFW has always supported each other. What is wrong with ya’ll? Quit being cheap and buy a ticket. Tickets are only $10, and you have a chance to win amazing prizes that have been donated by some of our generous members. I believe you have until Wednesday afternoon to buy a ticket. Let our competitors know how much you appreciate their hard work.

  2. Tanner says:

    All the folks doing the final weigh in today, make sure to get weighed and measured before you workout. It will ensure the accuracy of the test. Not to mention it’s harder to measure sweaty people. I’ve already seen some big losses so far and I’m excited to see more!

  3. Meagan says:

    I am so proud of all of our CFW athletes. Go BEAST regionals. Wish I could be there to watch and cheer you on!!!!! John Z and Felice, you are both looking strong. I know you will both do GREAT!!!! Can’t wait to see all of you head out to CA! 🙂

    Happy Wednesday to all!

  4. t. says:

    Dang Renee… break it down.

    I’m looking very forward to this weekend’s competition. We are one of very few teams who know we can even finish the “heavy” workouts the Regionals have in store for us. Last night Tanner and Cody both hit 245lbs on the snatch ladder, my old ass hit 235lbs and Dawn, Amanda, and Melissa hit 170, 125, and 105 resectively. That total is going to be hard to beat!

    JZ and Felice have been working their butts off and training smart. CFW is rolling into this comp healthy and strong.

  5. Albert Steed says:

    Good luck this weekend everyone. We will be rooting for you all back here. Hope that you all have a great time and represent well. Enjoy the time and have fun with it. 🙂

  6. Rachel Kay says:

    Good Luck this weekend! Its going to be a great competition to watch. All the competitors will do great!

  7. Scott S says:

    Hold on Renee – I am glad no one cares enough to put $10 into the raffle – just increases our chances of winning something. HA! C’mon folks, you are going to walk a little taller when your box has a team in the Games so help them out. I want them eating steak during the Regionals and not at McDonalds and they need some money to do that.

    Is anyone going to post to our web blog during the weekend? I know we can follow results on the site but I would love to hear some more details.

    Lastly, after a week at WSC I am amazed at how much it has helped. Most of us have weaknesses that really come out with isolated muscle exercises. At least stop by and talk to a WSC instructor and find out more.

  8. taylor says:

    I have left my small ipod behind in the gym one day last week on the box jumps. Its in a black case and has pink skull candy ear buds. If anyone has seen this, please throw it in the office for me. Thanks guys!

  9. Jen S. says:

    Go Team CFW!!!! We will all be waiting impatiently to hear of your triumphs!!! I know you will do us proud! Best wishes to you all!!!

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