Poliquin’s top 10 reasons why women are fat…

1.  They do cardio classes. That and disco fly swatting will get you nowhere fast in your pursuit of lean physique.

2.  They have Kashi for breakfast with skim milk for breakfast. Eat the cardboard box, it is higher in nutrients.

3.  They go for coffee after training. Coffee is great pre-training, horrendous post training. You want high cortisol when you train, not after.

4.  They follow a low fat diet, fearing that fat makes you fat. In the process, they avoid nutrient dense foods like avocadoes that would help them lose fat much faster.

5.  They consume soy products that shrink their brains not their hips because of the toxic levels of manganese.

6.  They eat bagels because they are low fat. Gasoline is also low in fat. Would you drink that?

7.  They don’t make time for themselves. Here is the best fat loss tip for women: take a week off just for you, no boyfriend/partner/husband and no kids.

8.  They consume grains. Part of a healthy and balanced fat butt.

9.  They use beauty products loaded with harmful chemicals such as parabenes.

10.  They don’t follow the axiom: You are your schedule.

P.S. Men are dumb, but not that dumb. For example, I can’t believe that women think we fall for the following camouflage combo:

Diversion 1: sweatshirt tied with sleeves around butt to hide the fact that you should actually hang an orange triangle on it.

Diversion 2: 150-350 dollars hair cut.

Reality check:

The 150-350 dollars haircut does not attract our attention from the wide load. We actually don’t even notice when you get your hair done. If a male notices your hair cut, he is gay, or he has not admittedit to himself. Proof? When he gets up from your couch, he rearranges the pillows.

This was the first write of a series Poliquin wrote on the topic of Women and their fat issues.  Read Part 1.  Poliquin is straight forward and to the point.  If his approach offends you, it may be because you are doing at least one of things he mentions and are fat.  But don’t be deterred from reading his series.  It’s less offensive and gives more serious attention to women and fat loss.

If you’re reading this, you have all the resources available to lose weight and be healthy.  What is fat?  Let’s define it as over 18% body fat for ladies.  Fix it and you’ll be happier with yourself, have a better body image and you’ll not be so easily offended.

What to learn how to lose fat?  Attend our nutrition class tomorrow night at 6:30pm.

The "Morning Crew" hits it every day at 6am. Audrey and Elizabeth rep out yesterday's MetCon

Stiff Legged Deadlift  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Bench Press 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Up Right Row 5 – 5 – 5 – 5- 5

3 rounds for time…
10 Box Jumps (24″)
10 Kipping (not butterfly) Pull Ups

High Hang Snatch  65% x 2 x 3
[High Hang Clean x 2 + Jerk x 1] x 1 x 2
All CF Work

30 thoughts on “Today’s post is strictly dedicated to womens’ issues… Ladies, If you’re fat, it’s your fault… lose the gut and butt.

  1. Ewhite says:

    Thanks for the helpful lessons today Tony, makes a huge difference….I’m working on those flat shoes!

  2. Sensei says:

    Interesting, the “in your face fat chicks” appeals to my jackass movies sense of humor and helps me say to myself while I sit here in the comfort of my own home; “Yeah! That’s what I’d tell that fat chick at the club with her sweatshirt tied around her waist!!” HAW HAW!

    Then, I consider. We Americans have a put a lot of stress on our selves and our image and other areas of our lives, and with stress comes the inevitable breakdown, lots of times the product of this breakdown comes in the form of a drive through or cheat from whatever diet or program they are on whether it be one that we as CrossFitters have found works or otherwise.

    So, while the statements in this list are true and I understand that they are posted to create energy even in the way of “in your face” to some of our female athletes I would offer that there are ways to spell out the truths of clean feeding, intensity in workouts and the ABSOLUTE benefits therein without hitting every person over the head with the same hammer. “if all you have is a hammer, you only see nails”.

    Again, I appreciate Tony for his bold and broad brush stroke. His integrity and absolute effectiveness in his programming and sincerity.

    As an instructor, and teacher, I would offer (all things being relative) would you tell your mom this list if you wanted to encourage her to make a change for the better?

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Thomas says:

    this has been one of my favorite post yet! I love our in your face/no bullsh*t approach to health/wellness/fitness. Yes I would tell anybody to read this because you have to be honest with yourself and others when it comes to truely changing. if this article offends you, then you need to realize why it does and embrace the changes you NEED to make until it doesn’t. We are here to be better so lets all suck it up and BE better/leaner/faster/stronger! You want it, so make it happen. If you have not taken the nutrition class yet, then DO it! Learrn how to optimize your diet and improve your diet not just get by with mediocre results! I have sat through 4 classes now and pick up something new in each one. If you want more do more, right!?! Well here its your chance. 3,2,1,go! Right? NOW GO!

  4. CW says:

    …and THAT is the Ugly Truth. No more sweatshirts around the butt for me! Eating clean is easier than you think. Thanks Tony !

  5. Taylor says:

    I thought this was an amusing post; but , I am not a stranger to accusations of insincerity either. I just can’t get past the DISCO FLY SWATTING! I’m taking that, and using it, forever!

  6. TD says:

    I’m a dude. I read this. While I agree with this to a point, cardio is better than sitting on your butt eating bagels and watching oprah. LookIng forward to bench presses! LOL.

  7. Liz says:

    Seems all like logical common sense…bagels?! I thought carbs were healthy! Who really thinks that? What I truly love is the male pigging. Thank you for showing me how gay my husband is! I had no idea that him showing me affection by complimenting something other than my ass, meant he was gay! This whole time I could have spent my money on booty shorts and not spa days? Men love a dirty sweaty ponytail?? Oh and i do need a WEEK off..will you watch my 3 kids and gay husband for me? Thank you for all your wisdom. Oh and I owned a fitness studio, was a personal trainer and now I have the last 10 pounds of baby weight to get off..not offended because “she must be fat”..im just upset my nice husband is GAY. idiot

  8. Rachael Parker says:

    I agree, this post addresses serious issues most women fall for, although somewhat crass. I have to point out that there’s so much more to women getting healthy than just the physical side of it. There are also (in my experience and in that of others I’ve seen) spiritual and mental issues of worth and value that need to be addressed…not to mention addictive eating patterns that need to be broken, too (not usually referred to as but truly and issue of Gluttony). I’ve been through all of these struggles and there’s no doubt that God has used and continues to use CFW in huge ways in my life. I think it’s important that we as a community continue to build each other up and help each other learn what real health and real hard work in every individual’s life looks like, again, not just physical heath but also mental and spiritual health. You can’t just fix a person’s body without addressing the root of the issue. When you do that you just create a person who is lightly healed (think band-aid fix) not fully healed and healthy. If you don’t address the person’s issues from a holistic view you’ll find that the change isn’t lasting (In fact, that’s exactly what happened to me on several occasions in the past…).

  9. Abs says:

    I got my haircut a couple weeks ago (only $25) but almost EVERY man in CFW commented on my hair…are you all in the closet or did you check the booty out before complimenting the hair…hmmmmm?

  10. Whitney says:

    I copy and pasted today’s post to an email and sent it to fat chicks all around the world! Great post. Last time I did a bench press was in July at 55 lbs. Today I did them again for the first time in 6 months and my weight was 85lbs. For 5 sets of 5 reps. I had to go light becuase I had no spotter. So, a 30 lb gain in 6 months is a little bit awesome. I am going out on a limb here and saying that crossfit works

  11. Abs says:

    little bit awesome. um yes. former fat chicks RULE!!!! been there…lets just say 185lbs when I went to give birth to Payton. Figured I would have a 40lb baby and everything would be fine. then here i got this PEANUT and realized…”you LAZY ass Incubator, you have some work to do now you dumbass….” Found CF…and lost 35lbs in 4 months. DONE. Never to return again!

  12. t. says:

    I thought I might get a bit of reaction from this post. If something I post gets you thinking, even if it offends you, then I’m assured I’m not falling into the realm of “feel good, no fault of your own” thinking that is sucking the ambition out of and ruining the motivation Americans.

    I’ll respond to each, in order:
    Elizabeth… always a pleasure. You are so receptive to our cues and corrections. Thanks!

    Pedro… personal preference laid out in a trendy tune. Good stuff.

    Sensei… the Yin to my Yang. Stop fluffing the pillows! Just kidding Bro. I too believe positive mindset and a encouraging approach works better… most of the time. Though we all need a reality check from time to time. You know me, I’m not “in your face” on anything… unless you choose to get that close to me. I’m all about choices and accountability. When a person makes a choice, good or bad, they need to own it. Poliquin is being cynical and yes, straight forward (I like straight forward better than your “in you face” because it is a more positive, less offensive phrase, Ha!), but we must also take into account Poliquin’s frustration with the fitness industry and all it’s demons. The popular take on food and fitness is so misleading. I feel much of the same frustrations. As far as talking to my Mother that way, yes, absolutely I would. Except for I wouldn’t have to. She was a strong woman who help herself accountable for her own actions. I tell my family the way it is… all of my family, CFW fam included. Honesty first… the second time you get the “more direct” approach.

    Thomas… you’re a knuckle dragger MB. You idealist ways will get you into trouble many times before you figure out that a frontal assault isn’t always best. But when you do figure out the finesse of the developing asymmetrical approaches, you’ll be unstoppable. I love it youngan… no compromise.

    CW… nothing ugly about the truth. Keep up the good work!

    Nick… ah, I’m not sure you read the post. The morning crew most likely appreciates the shout out though.

    Gabe… what’s up Bro. Hope TX is doing you right. Go with the compact. No one will take you seriously if you have the 27. But don’t go all huge either… someone might accuse you of having a “Napoleon Complex”. Ha.

    Taylor… you are surrounded by cake all day, everyday. Yet you are not fat and stay in great shape. What is your secret??? I’m going to guess… personal accountability and maybe, just maybe you don’t eat so much of the cake to get fat. Hmmmm. Still, there is no such thing as Paleo Ice Cream!

    Todd… how do feel about cardio while eating a bagel while watching Oprah? I don’t think Poliquin is saying cardio is bad, but more, only doing cardio (the lazy type where you don’t sweat) is waste of time. Women need to strength train. Cardio can make you fat. The skinny fat (and just fat) endurance athletes are everywhere. It’s weird that a Swimmer that bikes who runs and does alot of it can be fat. But swimming 3 miles, Biking 200 miles, and running 25 miles a week at a slow pace (you cannot to this volume at fast pace) is not good for you The body fights back. Stress hormones facilitate fat storage. Add in an endurace athlete’s typical high carb diet… and poof, you are fat. But it ain’t majik and it’s the “athlete’s” fault.

    Liz… Dang. I’m not much on the “hell yeah, this is a great post!” this thread is getting. Though I knew I would… just like I knew I’d get one like yours. I’m guessing you didn’t read the other articles (or any) Poliquin wrote. Poliquin isfar from an idiot. You just don’t agree with him. I’m not sure what you mean with the bagel/carbs thing. I’m unsure if you are saying you think carbs are healthy, or not. Either way, the low fat, high carb diet has led to the highest obesity rates the world has ever seen. And guess where… in America!. The average American female at 26 years old is over 30% body fat. And it is her fault. She controls what she eats. You seem a little aggravated and your post seems a bit jaded. It’s vague. I don’t know if you’re saying you meet or exceed one or more of Poliquin’s reasons. Or if your fat. Or if your hubby is gay. Know this, your husband compliments your hair wether he likes it or not (sorry guys, I just busted us all). He has to… else you might leave the kids with him for a week! Either way, you make your decisions. Own them.

    Rach… A person’s brain and mind cannot be “fixed” or “healed” if their body is unhealthy. A builder cannot put a roof on a house that does not exist. The body is what the mind resides in until it dies. Anything you do to you’re body directly affects the mind. What you feed your ass also feeds the brain. Addictive eating is a choice. Obesity is a naturally occurring condition that develops when the body thinks it’s preparing for a long winter. It is not a disease. The mentality in the US these days is to label the lack of personal responsibility with some “disorder” or disease. Then take a pill and/or go to counseling for it. Let’s try the approach of fixing one’s self. The only person on this planet whom you can change is YOURSELF. You do not need help doing it. You only need to make the choice. Mental health and physical health usually develop together. The two do go hand in hand. They are synergistic. As the body becomes more healthy, so will the mind. I promote a lean physique, not because it’s more attractive, but it is, if done through proper PALEO feeding and intelligent exercise, an outward indicator of good health. Being fat typically indicates a bad lifestyle. It’s sad that it has become “ok” and acceptable in the US to be unaccountable for one’s own life and decisions.

    Gab… right on!

    Abby… the hair looks great. Ronbo is probably gay, but not the rest of us. Oh, and every guy that saw you yesterday in the gym knows you were wearing the blue booty shorts and doesn’t care about the new short hair. Proof: Demi was still hot in G.I. Jane.

    Whit… a firebreathing woman who, from the day I met you, I know you’d not accept anything I said until I proved it to you. You made the decision to loss the baby weight and get healthy. 12 dress sizes smaller and you never used the baby as an excuse for gaining it. Beautiful.

    Abby… same. You made the choice to eat whatever you wanted while pregged. Then you made the choice to loss it. Why are you different? Are you more capable than any other women? Possibly… but only because you choose it.

    The only reason this post has gotten any of your panties in a wod (hahaha) is because it was directed at women. We’re all conditioned to not offend… especially women. We’re a culture that doesn’t tolerate intolerance. That lack of tolerance has led to an entire generation… or two now, that has no idea what it means to be accountable for our actions and behavior. We blame everything and everyone for our failures and bad behavior instead of fessing up and dealing with it.

    I hear it all the time… “I’m too busy” or “It’s hard b/c of the kids” or “I take too much meds and my mommy always takes care of me”. These are excuses, not reasons.

    I don’t judge people. They do what they need to do when they need to do it. But I have little tolerance and zero acceptance of excuses.

    Healthy, lean, fit women agree with this post more than any of the guys do. And those women, like Ab and Whit who’ve been down that ugly road of fatness, agree even more. They look at other women and their excuses with disdain. Like I said, if something offends you, you’re typically guilty of it and aren’t able to own you actions.

    I watched Tashana hit the metcon yesterday… pregnant as hell. She’s not gained anything but babyweight. As in, she’s only gained what the baby weighs. She made the choice not to get fat while pregnant. I know she’s eating chocolate (she told me) and other crap. The craving, so I hear, are horrible. She’s just not eating enough of the bad stuff to get fat. And I’m guessing continuing to train is helping a bit. My point? If a preggo (and we have a few at CFW) can control her diet and exercise, why can’t all women?

    They can.

    Being fat is a choice.

  13. Steph says:

    Liz, you got fat after being knocked up by guy whos oviously afraid of you and your aggressiveness. Why would you have kids with a guy you have to watch over and can’t leave your rats with? 10lbs? I bet it’s more like 20 realistically. You can lose 10 lbs in a week if you just tighten up. I agree with Poliquuin and T. Feeling sorry for ourselves and faulting the world doesn’t accomplish. Grab yourself by the horns and make corrections. Mental healing and spirituality is great. And maybe jesus wants us to eat cake, close the blinds, and dwell on how awful life is. Get serious and get out and get some sunshine. Run, swim, bike or walk on your hands for 100 miles if it makes you feel better. Do Crossfit or do bicep curls. Do something other than be a lazy terd.

  14. Andrea says:

    I enjoyed the straightforwardness of this post… but I do have to say that I’ve seen guys eat bagels (ok, I am a New Yorker and that does up the odds…) eat soy, and my dad used to buy Kashi all the time (not anymore!! haha). So although I agree with the post… I would like to see Poliquin step it up and make 10 full points that relate specifically to women… especially if that’s what the title advertises. I’ve been addicted to CF since I started, but I guess I could understand a woman feeling like they would have to sacrifice femininity. However, I’ve never felt so empowered as when I hit a new max or improve my time on a benchmark wod. I hope that more women realize they can and will feel this way, and don’t have to give up one ounce of femininity to do it. I met some incredible woman when I was at CFW (since returning to CFGC in NY where I live, I have met some incredible women here too!). They are awesome role models and I wish they were more in the public eye than anorexic supermodels or what have you.

  15. Sensei says:

    T. Always a pleasure and you always open my eyes to some way of looking that I did not see before. Sincere Thank you.

    As I read this post, I honestly said to myself “hell yeah!”. Because for the most part it IS WHAT MOST NEED TO SEE AND HEAR to actually make a damn change. In my experience this avenue of teaching is mostly used for the 1 on 1 or the small group of people that are working for one goal, not getting results and need a severe kick in the ass to shock them into a new way of doing things. So on a large scale with “the masses” reading CFW’s site, it could have the possibility of turning away prospectives.

    As for the “gay” comment, I find this comment to be WAY off target and offensive in content for all concerned. I won’t even go on the rant of how many ways this is just a very unprofessional and sad way to attempt to make a statement.

  16. t. says:

    Sensei… the gay guys I know and are friends with (nope, I’m not a homophob) are secure in their gayness and I’m sure laughed at this one. Gay guys are as mentally strong as any man and don’t offend easily. It’s the whiny fairies that get offended by gay jokes.

    I think I’m offened by the word offended. My feelings are hurt because you guys didn’t take into account how sensitive I am and now I’m going to blame someone!

  17. Mike says:

    so….. hows everybody doin, hadn’t posted in a bit, what does it mean if i tie a kashi sweatshirt around my waist and maria did not say crap about my haircut last week?

  18. Sensei says:

    T. I’m not saying that YOU are the one that I find “offensive”, but I think you know this and also would not care if I did. again, integrity. Also, the word offensive is a word to describe something and as I said in the post, it is offensive in it’s content, yes. This doesn’t mean that I am looking to blame anyone for any insecurities or short comings that I may have. I just like you and 95% of the athletes at the gym take ownership of our faults and work diligently to abolish them. This is about some dude, that posts inflammatory stuff that you T like to get everybody talking about and it creates energy on the site and in the box.

    This statement however is the same as saying the three statements are the same:

    – You like fried chicken, therefore you must be a black guy.

    – You compliment your wifes hair before noticing if she’s got a big ass, therefore you are gay.

    – You killed people in war as a soldier, therefore you are a murderer.

    It’s all short sighted and bigoted.

    Again, all I am saying is that I think this guy misses the mark when posting this for his profession.

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