Amber executing the Warrior II pose

1 Hang Shrug Pull + 1 Hang High Pull + 1 Hang Muscle Snatch x 5
* Use only up to a weight that allows you to maintain excellent form… it will be less than you think!

Box Jumps (24/20)
Clapping Push-ups

Olympic Weightlifting
Rest day

6 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. No GOOD says:

    Here is the WEEKLY Fight Gone Bad UPDATE/REMINDER.
    1. A donation of $150.00 will get you a KICK A** FGB VI T-Shirt

    2. CFW has AWESOMENES so I know we will knock this out of the park!!!

    3. SAVE THE DATE or you could say STD FOR FGB (hahah) 17 SEPT 2011 CFW.

    4. 44 days till FGB VI.

    5. You can register at this link

    6. Start this Friday with a $5.00 donation. Like I said if 200 of us donate $60.00 in the next 44 days CFW will have raised $12,000.00

    7. Check out this link from last years controversial 2d place video (it should have been 1st) and if this does not motivate you, then you must not be a member of CFW …BOOM that just happened!!!!

  2. No GOOD says:

    The 1st place team so far with 36 members has raised $7736.51.
    We are still in 26th place but we are up to $1110.00 Slow and steady.

  3. Jeremy B. says:

    I have got to get in on the FGB bashing.. What is up with CFW only having 30 of 300+ members signed up? Come on people ! ( yes… I am pushing Ereka B. to do it as well. )

  4. No GOOD says:

    HELL YEAH Jeremy!!!! Start calling everyone out I love it!!!! Ill be home soon and the BASHING will be in full swing!!!!

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