Fat Loss Tip: Exercise self control and stop putting nasty things in your mouth.  Sounds easy enough.  So why is it so hard to control what we?  How many people have you heard say “I love pasta.” or “I LOVE sweets.”?  Or maybe you say things like that yourself.  It is not the foods themselves you love so much, but the good feelings the serotonin it releases gives you when you eat them.

The fact is you are the only person you can change in this world.  The sweets and carbs you love so much are keeping you from losing body fat and seeing those abs.  Stop eating them.  Some will tell you it’s OK to cheat once a week.  If you are trying to lean out, cheating is not acceptable.  Change your mind and your can change your habits.

Click on the pic of Mere below.  That’s what 14-15% body fat looks like.  You don’t think she got those abs munching on cupcakes and other crap, do you?  No, she made a decision to lean out and followed through.  She followed the simple tips and guidelines we recommend.  Is Meredith any different from you?  Not if you decide she isn’t.


Mobility Class

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Put It In Your Mouth

  1. Amanda W says:

    If you have not taken an oly class, be sure and sign up! We all know Meagan is a great instructor of Crossfit, but she is a technician on the platform. You will undoubtedly benefit from her instruction. The class rate is a bargain too – take advantage!

  2. Meagan says:

    Thanks Amanda. I am just trying to be like you :-)!!!!

    The Olympic Lifting class was the first class I took at Crossfit. That class changed my workouts at CFW. I learned the technique/form to be able to do the workouts RX’d! Taking four weeks to learn these movements will benefit you greatly! We start tonight…even if you have not signed up and you decide last minute to come in…we start at 6:00 PM tonight!

    Congrats to EVERYONE who came in yesterday and did the workout! That was a beast of a workout and you all did great. The team work was great! Very impressed with you all.

  3. t. says:

    On fence about the Oly Course? Stop being indecisive and do the one thing better for you than CFW… a CFW Oly Course. Bonus: Meagan, not me or Cody, is the primary instructor.

    Anyone interested in shooting one of those matches you hear about us doing… we are going to Ant Hill Range in South Port this Sunday for a Steel Challenge. Anyone can shoot a steel challenge. You just stand there and shoot five steel targets as quickly as you can. All you need is a pistol, holster and 150-180 (depending on how many you miss). We meet up at CFW at 1045am on Sunday and head out by 1050am. The match lasts about two hours. It’s a fun time and a great way to get free pointers from myself and some of the best shooters in the area.

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