6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    I am not taking the day off tomorrow because tomorrow is my last work out with Thomas Rose. You know he’s leaving to work at a career type job in about a week? Thomas taught my first official intro class. He helped me go from an 95lb bench press to a 120lb bench press in one afternoon by teaching me proper form. He has moved more than one plate out of the way to prevent me from committing a major safety violation. He has put my plates away more times than I can count. I know it’s not like he’s moving but damn I am going to miss my trainer! And he is probably going to break me tomorrow for posting this sentimental stuff! You guys better give him a big hug while you have the chance! Soon he’s going to be arresting your ass for DUI and there will be no hugs at that time.

  2. Amanda W says:

    Gene – looking strong like Captain America!
    Thomas…say it isn’t so!?!? Ah I suppose we have to make big boy decisions at some time. Clydesdales are down a man 🙁

  3. t. says:

    The boy’s not dead, he got a job with the PD. He will still be able to workout.

    Oh… wait, where’s Don O.? Tom? Ok, farewell then Thomas, nice knowing ya Bro.

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