Dog Food Run to Gold’s This Saturday
By now you already know that Saturday the workout of the day is going to be a run to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive with a bag of dog or cat food in tow.  You are already going to be here for the oyster and pig roast (right?) so come out an support Tim B. and this great cause and you’ll get a heck of a workout in the process.

At 10am we will start at CrossFit Wilmington and run the 2.4 miles to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive with a bag of dog or cat food to drop off. How large the bag is, is up to you.  It can even be just a can (all workouts are scalable!).  You can put it in a backpack, carry it on your shoulder, in your pocket (assuming it’s a can), or put it in a cart or wheel-barrel if you want. Once you drop it at Gold’s, it’s up to you how you get back to CrossFit Wilmington.  You can arrange for a pick up or run back. Dogs are welcome to join as long as they have their rabies tag, are leashed and get along well with others!

This is Mac from the Paws Place Animal Shelter. Donations to the Pet Food Drive go to support pups like Mac at local non-kill animal shelters

DB Bench Press 10-10-10-10 (5 rt/5 left)
4 x Max Hanging L-hold (scale: high knee hold) for time
Half Moon w/ 10 second count (20/14) 10-10-10-10

6 x 200m Sprints (rest 1 minute between each)
* bring a watch if you have one

Olympic Weightlifting
Rest Day

2 thoughts on “Saturday: Dog Food Run!

  1. Sensei says:

    ooooo!!! Sprint work is one of my favorite fitness increasing modalities! right next to dead lift and squats!

  2. Albert Steed says:

    I agree! I really enjoy the sprinting part.. It is the sucking wind for only 1 minute or so afterwards that I don’t enjoy. 😀

    Great job to everyone for running those this morning. Was a blast!

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