Today, we will be moving to our new facility located at 2020 Capital Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405.


We will begin the move this morning around 8am.  If you want a light workout, the WOD will be “Help Load / Unload”.  We certainly welcome any help getting the gear to the new space.  We don’t expect something for nothing… anyone who gives us a hand with the move will get 10% off any supplements purchased during October and November.

Joro Yoga Classes will be at the current space at the regularly scheduled times.

4 thoughts on “Move Heavy Things

  1. Casey says:

    Can’t believe I am missing this! Congratulations on the new space, can’t wait to drop in and take a class the next time I’m visiting Wilmington!

    I miss my friend Meagan! :'(

  2. Sensei says:

    Mother puncher I am SAD I AM NOT ABLE TO HELP WITH THE MOVE!!!!!

    SO looking forward to this guys!! WHOO HOO!!

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