Join us tomorrow morning as we “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”. We are meeting at Elijah’s on the Boardwalk at 8:15am, walk starts at 8:30am. Sponsored by The Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons, the walk is a men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence against women.

“Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” is an annual fundraiser that the Rape Crisis Center of our area puts on to pay for their services.  The Crisis Center provides services to the victims of violent assault and rape, but also to friends and family of victims with support groups.  They also help in covering the costs of evidence kits and medical services provided to the victims and counseling at any point after the crime has occurred.  Many of the workers are volunteers specially trained in supportive care for victims and their loved ones. Many nurses go through extensive training to become certified in a forensic form of nursing to collect evidence. All of this training is paid for from grants and fundraisers like Walk A Mile.

As an ER nurse, I have seen first hand how very helpful these services are.  Statistically, 1 in 6 women are the victim of a violent sexual crime.  Many are women you know….women you know but in most cases, have no idea they are a survivor.  Women like me.

It was a difficult thing for me, for years, to trust anyone and I still have some issues I deal with.  But most of you that know me now,  know I am a strong and very out spoken woman.  A huge part of that is from being part of Crossfit Wilmington.  So it is only natural to want my CFW family, those who empower women every day, to join me and countless others and participate in Wilmington’s Walk a Mile In Her Shoes.

CFW will be closed tomorrow for the Crossfit Level 1 Certification.

Tracy and Keith of Port City Crossfit will open their doors for us at 10:30 for all of you who would like to jump in a WOD after the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”.

Team WOD #2 Must be completed by 7 pm tonight!

Mid Morning Crew working the back extension hold yesterday


3 Rounds for time…
100 Wallballs (20/14)
30 x 10m Shuttle Runs

14 thoughts on “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

  1. Em says:

    Hey all, if you are planning to be there on Saturday, you can pre-register by going to then click Walk a Mile link. Its $20 per individual. If you want to set a CF team, after 5 participants, its $15 per person. Anyone interested in that, email me at and have cash on hand Saturday. Guys, I will bring extra shoes that you can attempt to wear or hang heels (like many of the guys did last year) from your shoulders. There is usually a raffle with some killer prizes. Last year was a great turn out. I’ll be there sporting a CFW shirt with my kiddos. See ya there!!

  2. IP says:

    Em, I love you you and am so proud of you and your courage. You have inspired me to new levels. This community never ceases to amaze me. Especially our women. God Bless you all.

  3. No GOOD says:

    Em, what are you talking about … You outspoken , I’ve never noticed 😉 great post. I think that in the shadOw of FGB we did not do enough to support you and this event. I will not be able to attend but I will be making a donation. Again you outspoken …….

  4. Liz says:

    Way to kill this wod this morning 6am crew!! And in the words of Jenna right after her last sprint, smiling “That was hard!”.

  5. Albert Steed says:

    Hi All – I plan on coming out in the morning and walking. if you can put me on the CF team that would be great. I plan on bringing my 4year old and making him walk or using him as a weighted vest. 😀

    I like the idea of hanging the shoes around my shoulders as a size 13 heel is not easily acquired from my normal friends. 😀

  6. Meagan says:

    Em, thank you for giving us the information for such a great cause. Not only is it fun (to watch guys walk in heels….hehe), but like you said-the benefits of this walk are tremendous.

    I want to just give a shout out to a lot of our new members. Even if I am not instructing, I always check out how you are doing on the board. I am constantly impressed with the improvements I see. Kelly A-girl…you are KILLING it! I am SO proud of you. Summer, you are rockin it. Sara C-You my friend are a beast! John-you are always impressing. Imke, nice work on all of the team wods. You are doing great. Albert, what can I say? You are an inspiration. Your scores are AWESOME for these team wods. Heidi, nice work. Your scores are impressive as well. Jocelyn, Tiff, and Renee’-you girls are all BEASTS! You come in everyday and push yourself to the limit and I think that is so BA! There are so many members that impress me daily, and unless you all wanted to read a novel, I will wait and post another day. Everyone keep up the GREAT work! So proud of you all!

    Happy Friday

  7. Abs says:

    WOW the WOD today….YIKES…. this is gonna be an arse smoker!!!!! I am very bummed I cannot make it out tomorrow for the Walk…football and soccer games! OH and Beach Clean Up at CB tomorrow if anyone wants to come I will be there at 11….I 2nd all of Meagan’s thoughts…..and want to add tha Frati 2…aka Nick…needs a shout out…I really didn’t think you would stick with it and man you are killing it!!! who else…ummm Crystal…holy smokes this girl is gonna be a lifter. Kris…you are so eager to learn and get stronger it is always a pleasure to work with you…Sean and Candace…you guys are AWESOME!! Candace gets so mad…she is so damn pretty and man she gets ugly with me! Sean if you keep up with this…with your size you are gonna be unstoppable…i could keep going but I will stop! see y’all tonight!

  8. Renee says:

    Em – I will be there in the morning, so please put me down for the team. Thanks!

    Meagan – Thank you so much.

    The first few months at the box I was in awe of things people did. Though still in awe, now I expect the extraordinary. There are so many strong, resilient people. Thank you – it is truely a honor to be a member of CFW.

  9. Meagan says:

    Yes Abby…Candace, Sean, Frati2, Crystal, Kris, you guys are kicking booty and taking names. As for today’s WOD… glad I am Oly Lifting. Hahahaha

  10. Em says:

    Thank you everyone for your support of this cause. Sensei!!! I can’t believe you posted that video…OMG! I’ll see everyone in the morning!!

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