Your glutes are strong and powerful muscles, and you likely aren’t using them, or aren’t getting enough use out of them.


This post has come about due to my own struggles with some hip injury as well as seeing a number of the athletes complain about hip pain when squatting. And let’s be honest we do a lot of squatting here at the gym.


There are 3 glute muscles, maximus (the big one), minimus, and medius.  Together they work to help you stand up after squatting, and keep your knees out (abduct) while doing so. However, we aren’t very good at using the glutes.


The problem


We sit on our glutes all day which completely deactivates the muscle. The 60 minutes we are in the gym during the day doesn’t do much to counteract the 23ish hours per day that we sit and do nothing with our glutes.


Instead, to get up out of a squat, our body will attempt to use other muscles to complete the action. Typically this will be the quad (the front of the leg) and the adductors (insides of the quads). If you have ever seen or experienced knees collapsing during the squat that’s your adductors taking over. They do the opposite of the 2 smaller glute muscles designed to pull the knees out.


If you rely primarily on the adductors to get out of the squat, their tendons pull on your hips opposite of your abs which can lead to hip pain.


The solution – activate the glutes!

  • Band walks
  • Hip circles
  • Glute bridges/hip thrusts


See the demo of these movements


It’ll take some time to fully get your glutes firing, but once you do you should see a marked increase in strength, as well as a decrease in hip pain.