CFW 4-7 Year Old Kid’s Kamp Begins Monday at 9 am
The annual CFW Kid’s Kamp begins Monday. This session is for children ages 4-7 and it is not too late to sign up. Activities will include Crossfit workouts, gymnastics, yoga and nutrition discussions. Cost is $125 per child and a discounted rate of $75 for additional siblings.  A light snack will be provided but parents are asked to pack a lunch and water bottle for their children.
Kettlebell Course Saturday June 23rd
We are hosting a Kettlebell Course with Pete Boby this Saturday, June 23rd from 9am to 3pm.  Learning to properly implement kettlebell training will aid in Crossfit workouts as well as travel workouts where no other equipment is available. The kettlebell is a great tool due to its small size and versatile exercise capability. Kettlebell proficiency is a valuable skill in the general physical preparedness repertoire .  Sign up sheet is on the whiteboard in the lobby.
Cost: $75
Supplement Order On Monday
Reminder that the supplement order will now be placed on Monday. Please have your orders in to Tanner before Monday at noon.
Try the Sauna at No Cost Through the End of the Month
CrossFit Wilmington is one of very few establishments in Wilmington to offer the use of an Infrared Sauna. Studies have shown that use of an infrared sauna helps the body to detoxify metals and other toxins. Our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. These toxins can include anything in the environment, from soaps to cosmetics to fragrances in the air, toxins are everywhere.  Read more about toxins that need detoxifying here. The infrared sauna aids in detoxification through sweat.  Infrared sauna use has a cumulative effect on the body, therefore using the sauna on a regular basis will have a greater effect than a one time use.

Additionally, the sauna aids in muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Following sauna sessions with stretching sessions for a few weeks will improve mobility. Take advantage of the sauna availability, relax and detoxify.

Jared rounds out week 1 of our “hybrid mesocycle” with overhead squats in Nancy. Next week we will add more volume to the program as we progress through our cycle. Be sure to record your workouts to track your progression.

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