The aftermath of quite a few toes to bar repetitions. Pushing yourself into injury is not recommended!! The "toughness" associated with CrossFit can easily be interpreted by a rational person as being just dumb. The hands pictured are from an athlete competing in the Games sectionals competition. She pushed into and through injury to finish a workout for the sake of the Games. Justifiable then? Maybe. But for the average person trying to improve their fitness, not so much. While some Crossfits might encourage this "push", CFW doesn't. If you tear your hands, your training will be compromised for at least a week. Train smart... there's a thin line between hard and retard!

Don’t forget about the Easter Egg Hunt Beach WOD tomorrow, starting promptly at 9am at the Oceanic Pier.  The CrossFit affiliates of eastern NC are getting together for some sandy beach fun.  We’ve a whole new set of apparatus to insure we all get a great workout in.

Due to the Egg Hunt the gym will not be open on Saturday.  However, we will still be doing the sectional WOD from 1-3 Saturday afternoon.  Again, these hours are for those who are competing sectionals and need a judge for the workout.  They are NOT open gym hours.

The deadline for T-shirt and tank top pre-orders has been extended to next week, see Josh or Caleb for all orders.


75 TGU’s for time


Run 1 mile if you did not on Wednesday
*The 1 mile run is one our tests for gauging your progress.  Don’t skip it.  It takes only a few minutes.

25 thoughts on “We’re closed tomorrow!! We’re all going to the beach instead.

  1. Rachel Kay says:

    I dont consider a hand tear to be an “injury”. Painful yes, but enabling to finish a workout, no. I personally finish workouts for no one other than myself. Its not about looking hard or tough. I am all about pushing myself beyond my own limits. Hand tears are common in Crossfit, just like soreness. I do not believe they are injuries, inconveniences most defiantly. Just like soreness, I plan to continue to train with hand tears.

  2. No GOOD says:

    BATTING GLOVES ARE THE ANSWERS!!!!!!! OH gloves are also authorized at USA W events now, at least thats what Harvey taught us.

  3. Drew says:

    Rachel- really though, any tearing of skin is an injury. It is no different than skinning your knee or cutting yourself in the kitchen. You have to still nurse it back to health, and your body is sending all the repairing agents to the site of the injury. In the case of hand tears it makes your hands weaker, as you tear off calluses which help shield you from tears in the first place.

    With that said, I’m looking forward to the easter egg hunt WOD 🙂

  4. Julie G. says:

    I know I have not been around in awhile but I am confused. Are you saying we should stop a workout, no doubt a workout that is competitive like the open because of a little tear? Drew really, did we need that explanation?????????? Did I log on to CFW? or is this a joke??

  5. Liz says:

    Im on board with Julie. I watched Rachel complete this WOD yesterday, hand tears and all with 7 min remaining. Thats TOUGH!! We compete to challenge ourselves, physically and mentally, and thats what she did yesterday.

  6. meagan says:

    Rachel equals REAL BADASS. You amaze me girl. You got another round and a half in despite the tears. You amaze me. I am so proud of you. Nice work chica.

  7. Andrew says:

    Some of you are missing the point. If it hadn’t been for a competitive event (ie sectional qualifying WOD), it would very much have been a poor decision to train to the point of ripping your hands like that. There are gyms that push the mentality that you need to push that hard/far on every workout. By doing so you end up detracting from the quality of the training you receive. You can’t train to the best of your ability when you’re trying to work around injuries that could have been avoided.

  8. Julie G. says:

    Andrew, I think we are all fairly intelligent people. Nobody likes to be patronized. That being said I think the post makes a point at Rachels expense. Caleb is a sweetheart and I am sure it was not intended to come across that way. Rachel good job, I heard you kicked butt yesterday.

  9. Nate says:

    I did the hamburger hands during a pull up/ push up pyriamid, and besides not being able to do shit for a week, youll get a lot of shit from your bros.

  10. A-Webb says:

    There are a pair of 30 Seconds To Mars Tickets at the counter. The show is TONIGHT in Raleigh at 8pm. It’s last minute but first come first serve.

  11. Tony says:

    It is CrossFit Wilmington and I wrote the narrative with the pic, not Caleb.

    Funny though… I now know how to get Caleb beaten up. Ha.

    Ladies and Gents, know this… hurting yourself for the sake of a workout is not something I have ever promoted or praised.

    The first rule a CFW is “DO NOT HURT YOURSELF”, right? So yeah, torn hands included, no workout is worth an injury.

    We routinely ask members to stop training if they’re overtraining and exhausted or working out on a bad knee or shoulder. The why wouldn’t we for torn hands. At least your training is compromised for a week or so and at worst an infection could set in and you’d need a hand amputated.

    The pic was anonymous and wasn’t meant to call Rachel out specifically. Heck, had she not posted, most of you wouldn’t know who it was.

    But that is irrelevant.

    I don’t like the bravado stuff CrossFit promotes with all the bloody hands and chins and stuff. It adds to the “intimidation” factor and doesn’t nothing to show the fitness, health, and wellness CrossFit Wilmington promotes.

    Have I gone soft? I don’t think so. I simply won’t promote an unhealthy way training or llfestyle.

    As far as Rachel goes, she’s a tough one… but it ain’t because she did one little CrossFit workout with busted hands. She’s tough because she does her best and conducts her training and instruction with professionalism and drive.

    I doubt she needs any of us to tell her how badass she is.

    A long time ago… on our old website, atop the comments page was written “This blog is for the intelligent discussion of CrossFit, training, and nutrition”. Maybe I this one is needing of the same.

    “The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions ” -Marya Mannes

    Relax folks… it’s just a workout.

  12. No GOOD says:

    Last time I left the comment “This is AWESOME” everyone got butt hurt but THIS IS AWESOME!!! and I agree with Taylor Hard vs Retard has had me laughing all day. I say it everytime I leave the comfort of CFW and a few others say the same. THe qualitly that we provide and recieve at CFW surpasses so many other CF’s. Over HERE where I do my WOD’s you would not believe the TERRIBLE form of 80% of the people in the gym. It is HARD to not go up to everyone and say your doing it wrong let me help you. That is where the RETARD part comes in, most of them would be insulted or think they know better. So I wait to be approached. Actually watching bad from and some of these people teach bad form makes me better, so I am kind of thankful for the RETARD. If you have been at CFW for a while you have all been caught doing something WRONG at one time or another (ABBY,not gym related ha) and or OT (OVERTRAINED…..I wonder who this is ha) me inculded, but use it to learn from, find the advantage to make you better and smarter to prevent injury , thick skin!

  13. Rachel Kay says:

    Word of advice from experience, preparation H is amazing on hand tears!! I put it on 3 hours ago and already can see healing. It would be best to avoid hand tears all together but when they happen, this is a great trick!!

  14. Andrew says:

    My attempt wasn’t to patronize anyone, and I certainly don’t question the intelligence of the average individual at CFW. WIth that said, it just goes to further my point. There are a lot of times on this board that we, myself included, allow emotions to dictate how we read things. I’m not going to speak for Tony, but what he commented on is an issue that almost all Crossfit affiliates seem to pride themselves on. I’ve seen more than one affiliate (obviously not this one) pride themselves on the fact that they’ve caused members to develop rhabdo. If you look at the most successful training facilities on the planet, they know how to balance intensity without running their people into the ground.

  15. Mike Myers says:

    Thaks Josh and Caleb for letting me hit the games WOD yesterday. I look forward to coming back when I’m in the area again.

  16. Drew says:

    I think the new rule should be this: If you tear your hands, you can keep working out, but you are reserved to the shakeweight only. Ha.

  17. sara! says:

    Drew, a bloody shakeweight is FUBAR, dude. Just relegate them to GHDs or sprints or weight vest squats or something.

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