Tashana receives instruction from Tony on proper set up for the Clean & Jerk. Turning in the wrists keeps the bar closer to body through the 2nd pull and helps for faster turn over.

  When did Cheating Become Reward (cont.)?
So my post on the cheat meal yesterday was written late on Sunday evening and admittedly, it sounds more harsh than I intended.  It actually wasn’t a rant.  Ha.  
     I didn’t necessary mean not to ever eat junk food.  The point I wanted to convey most was that the cheat day shouldn’t take precedence in your mind over the reward of the benefits of eating healthy.
     By scheduling a cheat day you create a focal point…  the end (good health and/or performance) is no longer the goal, the junk food is.
     This mindset is, in and of itself, very unhealthy. 
     I reckon if you’re 99% strict Paleo/Primal 99% of the time, just go ahead and have that junk food when you want.  The trick is to not create any sort of obsession.  It’s the scheduling, the self induced sense of deprivation, and the surmise you’ll find some sort of happiness in a cheat meal that makes the entire thing absurd.
     Here’s another thougth… a cheat meal doesn’t have to a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and Mountain Dew.  How about a big fat bacon cheese burger and some sweet potato fries.  If you consider that a cheat meal, you’re on your way.  Oh, and that type of cheating can be tolerated more often. 
     Realign.  Change your mindset.  The reward can be found in the means.  Create your end.     

Shoulder Press  5-5-5-5-5 

4 pull up
20 kettlebell swings
 8 pull up
16 kettlebell swings
 12 pull up
12 kettlebell swings
16 pull up
 8 kettlebell swings
20 pull up
4 kettlebell swings

11 thoughts on “Cheating a Reward? – Part 2

  1. Rob the Ghost says:

    Keep the posts coming Tony, they are very spot on and motivating. I am realigning myself. Have been following the WoD as close as I can at home for a month now, and have started eating Primal in the past 10 days… I already see a big difference! Everybody keep up the excellent work!

  2. Lil D says:

    It was great to see everyone yesterday. Great job to the guys (and gal) who did heavy Grace!

    Hopefully my new schedule will let me get back down there in the afternoons. Until then I guess I will have to settle on doing the WODs on my own up here. On that note, what’s the prescribed weight on the kettle bell today?

  3. Joe W says:

    Did HEAVY ISABEL this morning, wooo baby what a way to start your day. Good to be back in the gym after a few weeks away.

  4. Abs says:

    Yah heavy Grace lastnight with JZ…ok FINE heavy for me! thanks for the push JZ…HOW DID YOU DO JOE W….birthday boy!!!???

  5. Joe W says:

    Not as good as I had hoped but for 6am not bad, think I may be feelin my age. Oh and thank you to everyone that had input on my birthday. Amanda made me steak and potatoes my favorite last night.

  6. t. says:

    Happy (late) Bday Joe… get some of that heavy Grace too. I thought the Isabel was fairly easy… the Grace hurt a bit. I feel like I got hit by a midsized sedan. Big time kudos to Cody. He did Grace at 225lbs at a BW of 176lbs. And Dawn… Grace at 165lbs! Nice. Video to come.

  7. Jen S. says:

    I hope we are still having the PM beach WOD tomorrow, My bro will be in town from Kansas City and I wanted to show him what a REAL workout is like. (o: He’s a Rugby player/gym weight lifter/runner. haha

  8. t. says:

    Check – Check – Check… NO BEACH WOD TOMORROW. Sorry Jen, but wait, I bet the workout at the gym will suffice.

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