Have you, or someone you know, ever gotten one of those great ideas to refurbish the floor, build a deck, or remodel the bathroom?  It begins with good intention.  You are in Lowe’s or Home Depot and you spot one of those magazines on your way through the check out.  On the cover is your new great idea.  You pick up the magazine and you are off to completely messing up part of your house.  After a few days of messing about, you don’t finish the project.  Your bathroom sits for months, half working and not presentable.

As it is with training, nutrition is not a “do it yourself” endeavor.  We tend to lie to ourselves about what we really need and do what we want.  It is easy to convince yourself you need the banana’s carbs to fuel your brain and that super intense workout you are going to do.  The reality is, the carbs (in the banana or oatmeal or bagel or whatever junk food you are consuming) are only serving to inhibit you reaching your goals.

An outside, unbiased assessment and recommendation (per your goals) is the answer to getting you the gains in performance and/or fat loss you seek.  Typically, the info I post on the website is general and purposefully without specifics on amounts and dosages.  The information is designed to make you think about your food choices and lifestyle.  Each of you are different and require different amounts and types and food and supplements to reach your specific goal.  Simply take note anyone who’s done a BioSignature and/or nutrition consult with us  (and complied with the recommendations) and you will hear a success story from them.  Talk to the top performers in the gym, especially our Games level competitors, and they’ll tell you how the recommendations I made for them made the differences in where they are today.  It is not coincidence, superior genetics, or “a gift” that some members are more successful.  Some of them seek coaching and guidance.

The two below articles illustrate my point…  while everyone benefits from a paleo quality diet, it is not all encompassing.  Your training times and programming are factors.  The first article is for those of you who train in the mornings. The other is for you pm’ers.  Check them out.

Isn’t it time you stopped hindering your gains with your DIY program?  You’ve the best resources available.  Get a BioSig consult or series and you’ll get results.  Tanner, Jrod, or myself are available at your request.  Ladies, if you are timid about having one of us guys check your body fat, Melissa H. is also a BioSig Practitioner.  She is can provide a woman’s touch to your BioSig and get you on your way to optimal health.
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Pre-Workout Nurtition For 9 to 5’ers (AM training)
by the Poliquin Editorial Staff
Get better results and improve body composition with the best pre-workout breakfast nutrition even if you work 9 to 5. The Poliquin™ Meat and Nut Breakfast in which you eat a high-protein, low glycemic meal of organic high-quality meat with nuts will give you improved mental clarity, increased energy, better appetite control, and optimal performance in the gym. It should be a staple of your pre-workout breakfast no matter what time you train.
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Pre-Workout Nutrition For 9 to 5’ers (PM training)
by Poliquin Editorial Staff
If you have to train after a long day at work or at odd hours, get better results by planning your diet to help you sustain optimal energy, mental focus, and drive. This article will provide my top 10 nutrition tips to improve your workouts if you can’t plan your day around training.
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Shawna D. at the Brave Soldier Challenge



Skill Work:
Double Unders

Ab Roll-Outs 3 x 25
Front Plank 3 x 1 min
Side Plank 2 x 1 Min each side

6 thoughts on “Are You a “Do It Yourself” Type? If so, How’s It Working for You?

  1. Nate says:

    I know, might even go to the class for pointers. Think I should bring my bench press shoes?

  2. Jordan says:

    I will say, aside from starting at CrossFit Wilmington, the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my health was scheduling a time and sitting down with Tanner to talk about nutrition. I thought I was eating well, and was confused as to why I wasn’t shedding weight as I would have expected. Tanner uncovered many flaws in my approach, and after taking his recommendations and adjusting my diet, the results were incredible. Metrics don’t spin, and dropping 5% (from 19% to 14%) body fat while gaining 8.5lbs of lean body mass in just over a month was a huge milestone for me. With my DIY approach, I never would have achieved that, and I would not be in a position to produce further results.

    Point being, if you haven’t yet, please take advantage of the incredible resources less than a shout away; you will not regret it.

  3. Tanner says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jordan.

    If any of you are struggling to lose weight or get where you want to get, my first suggestion is to journal your daily food. I mean every single thing you eat and drink, whether it’s a few sips of soda or a small piece of cake, the little things add up. Often times when my clients journal, they figure out what they need to fix without needing my help. A food journal will also make you accountable if you know that what you eat must be written down.

    As T said, if you have any nutrition questions don’t hesistate schedule a consult with T or myself, we will get you on the track to success.

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