Beach Body/Fat Loss Competition Update

Starting Monday, May 6th, we will begin to take final body composition measurements for the fat loss competition participants. The last day to receive measurements and take an “after” pic will be Friday, May 10th. The winner will be announced on the website on Monday, May 13th. The Criteria for the winners will be total body fat percentage loss and end body fat percentage. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants. The sign-up sheets with time slots for the measurements will be posted tomorrow in the lobby outside of Cody’s office.



Leilani using 155lbs for multiple reps during a power clean ladder last week.



Power Clean 6s x 3r


Complete the following  EMOM  for 10 minutes of…
3 Snatch Grip High Pull (135/95)
5 Pull-ups


Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Snatch – Work up to a heavy single
Then…EMOM for 5 minutes – 75% x 1
Clean – Work up to a heavy single
Then…EMOM for 5 minutes – 75% x 1
Front Squat – 80% x 2 x 2
Break up as needed:
50GHD Sit ups
50 GHD Back Extensions


8 thoughts on “Beach Body/Fat Loss Competition Update

  1. taryn says:

    how often do you have competitions like this? i want to do one!! i signed up after this one started.

  2. t. says:

    Taryn… sometimes twice a year. We’ve done a “Abs for Christmas” contest and a spring time one in previous years. I’m not a huge fan of group support style “challenges”. I prefer self motivation and personal achievement. But I do realize the group challenges work for some people. If you want to lean out in your own comp with yourself as your own competitor, get with myself or Cody and we will do your body composition and set you up for success. That goes for anyone wanting to lean out. Maybe you didn’t do so well during this challenge and need to redeem yourself. Let us know… our Biosignature program works. Sometimes all it takes is being accountable to someone. Who better than yourself?

  3. LTB says:

    good stuff! big shout outs to the CFW staff and awesome members who stick with me daily as i continue to grow and recover from injury. the programming and support at CFW has helped me get back to doing what i love most.

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