What motivates us?  Psychology says the number one driving force in a human’s desire to achieve is one’s need to reach and realize his or her full potential.  Next is ego (self-esteem), and third is belonging (love and acceptance).  Each can compliment or compromise the other.  Two that are connected on the triangle below, can easily support the other.  If not situated by each other, like Ego-status and safety, they may not.  Many highly successful people are primarily driven by Self-actualization but are also, often loners.  If success at one’s goals is the only objective,  belonging may not be important.  However, if doing for others is a large part of your self-esteem and ego, then belonging may be a large part of what motivates your behaviors.  It takes a significant amount of self awareness and discipline not to let one need become more than import than the next.

CrossFit Gyms and  the goals they tend to support, can certainly fulfill the top three needs in Maslow’s hierarchy.  Ideally, a fitness and wellness facility would be a place where a person can develop all three in a healthy manner.

Knowing what truly motivates you will help you balance your life and your goals.


AM and PM Beach WOD’s will be run tomorrow.  Meet at the Oceanic pier at 6:15am or 6:15pm for some fun in the sand.

Rope Climbs (no feet)  (12″)  x 5
Chin Ups  4 max rep sets
Upright Row  8 – 8 – 8 – 8
DB Bicep Curl  8 – 8 – 8 – 8
*Use as much weight as possible while maintaining good technique and full ROM but storm thru with no more than 30 seconds rest between sets.

2 rounds for time…
20 Box Jumps (20″)
25m Sprint
20 KB Swings (24kg)
25m Sprint

2 thoughts on “What Motivates Us?

  1. Whitney says:

    You may or may not know that I hold discussion groups throughout the year where people can talk about using nutrition to combat autoimmune issues. I also have a web site that just launched at http://www.nutrisclerosis.com which is a free site where people who want to use the autoimmune protocol of paleo to reverse/ cure/ control their autoimmune issue can find information and resources. My next discussion group on July 19th is also a web site launch party. Free as always and all crossfitters are always welcome. It’s at 18:00 at 128 S Front St in downtown Wilmington.

  2. Edwin & Beth says:

    Wanted to remind anyone and everyone who would like to join us at our house (313 Water Street) on the southend of Wrightsville Beach tomorrow night following the beach WOD for a casual cookout. We (and Amy A. …sweet potatoe fries!!!) are supplying the food, but need a solid head count ASAP so we can make sure there is enough, so let us know here on the blog. (For those who responded in person at the gym we got you).
    FYI Beth’s making her famous homemade ice cream (Flavor?…..it’s a secret!)

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