So you wanna get lean?

Get Lean Tip 1:  Go strict Paleo…  eat most meat (eggs too), nuts, avocado and healthy oils, a few berries, no starches, no sugar, and no dairy.

  • The typical weight loss is 10lbs in the first week on the Paleo Diet.
  • No starch and no sugar means none.  Zero.  Stop being weak and clean up your diet.
Get Lean Tip 2:  Eat meat and nuts for breakfast.
  • The first thing you eat each day sets up your hormones and neurotransmitters for the rest of the day.  No carbs in the am means no seretonin and insulin spike.



Not peaking yet... Tanner PR'ed Snatch yesterday at 113kg (250lbs). After 5 weeks of Games Open competition, team CFW is still getting stronger.


4 rounds for time…
4 Clean (225lbs/135lbs)
10 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
4 Deadlift (315lbs/225lbs)
2 Muscle Ups

14 thoughts on “Getting Stronger…

  1. Hunter says:

    Holy crap Tanner, you almost power snatched that.
    You have def made HUGE gains. I am stoked looking at that sequence. Jesus.

  2. Felice says:

    Tanner, WOW! That is fantastic! Good for you! Your form in those pictures is awesome, keep up the hard work!

  3. Amanda W says:

    TANNER! Holy crap!!! Most of us seek the body weight snatch….last time I checked you didn’t weigh 250. This is phenomenal.

    Challenging WOD today….looking forward to the challenge!

  4. Tracy says:

    Tanner! Great job! and thanks for helping me get on the road to leanness!!!! Congrats to the ladies and gents going to Regionals!!

  5. t. says:

    Heck no Tanner doesn’t weigh 250… if it weren’t for the barbell and weight he’s snatching the breeze from the open doors could blow his skinny butt away. ha.

    Congrats on the PR Tanner.

    I have to give Tanner much credit. He has improved every part of his fitness, weaknesses and strengths, over the last 6-8 months. He constantly seeks to improve himself and educate himself. I try hard to mentor our young ones in any way I can and he’s a sponge for information. Yet, he doesn’t follow my advice and recommendations blindly; he thinks for himself and does his own research. I respect him because he’s honest and has manners. He’s not always the “lovey, huggy… you can do it” type, as he favors the straight forward approach. But I can’t say I have anything against that either. You may not like what he’s saying, but you know he’s being honest with you.

    He and some of his teammates are young in age and by athletic maturity standards, but they are possess the ethic and discipline as good as any trooper I’ve ever met. Each of the CFW team has gotten stronger and faster in last 6 weeks. They are all 26 years old or younger and none of them drink alcohol, they eat with scrupulous discipline, and train with ferocity. It says a lot about a person in their 20s, living in a college town with such a “fun” night live, to ignore the social pressure and go after a goal like the CrossFit Games. Our young ones do without thinking twice. They are proud of themselves and each other only when they do their best. If you ask any of them, they not happy with their top 60 performance in the Open… they think only the top 10 is except-able. Our crew is already planning how they will train for the 2013 Games.

    There are other gyms that do not cultivate this same mindset as CFW and their results show it. Partying and acting a like children is more common. They praise weak performance and are ok with being ok. CrossFit is not much better than body pump if there’s no commitment to personal excellence.

    Being the best among common is nothing but being less mediocre than the least mediocre person.

    So while you’re trying to figure out how to participate in the Lean Out and still eat cupcakes, remind yourself that these “kids”, who are not any different than you, live a life without junk food or alcohol. Remind yourself you can be the healthiest, fittest, and most successful if you choose to. Make that choice, illustrate a plan, and then execute it. All the tools you need are at CFW.

    You are the only person you can actually affect change on.

  6. Tanner says:

    Thanks for the support T. et al. I set our to really work on my lifts and overall abilities since last September and it is now paying off. 250 is a 45 lb improvement from when I began an OLY cycle in mid-December. I appreciate all of the feedback and support that I receive daily at CFW. You all help me strive to do well day in and day out. As for Team CFW, I fully expect to qualify for the Games and we are going to train to do so.

  7. Tanner says:

    Also, for those of you interested in the lean out challenge I will be here from 5:15 til 8 tonight. This is your last day to enter so get yourself over here!

  8. Jen S. says:

    Awesomeness Tanner!!!!

    People!! Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a bunch of happy, hormone free, free range chickens running around my house laying a bunch of delicious, happy, healthy eggs…and the farmer (Jay) has told me to get busy selling them. I put a few dozen in the small fridge at the gym yesterday and will be bringing more. If you want you can grab them and just pay me whenever you see me. $350 per dozen or $6 for 2. Chickens gotta eat ya know!

  9. Gloria says:

    Hope it’s cool to post my results for the daily WODs here.
    1 mi run warmup
    5×1 Snatch (65,75,95,105F, 100)
    4 rounds:
    4 Cleans (115)
    10 BJ (22″)
    4 DL (185)
    4 ring dips (hands still destroyed from Saturday so I nixed any PU to sub for MU)
    T = 12:05
    400m Run cool down

    Looked back at past WODs you post. I like the heaviness. Will make me STONG LIKE DAWN! 😉

  10. HODGE says:

    Can I just say I LOVED the WOD today in all it’s misery. Heavy as sh*t while still embracing the intensity of a metcon. love love love. holy crap my body as I now sit at a desk for the next 8 hours haha. Thanks CFW for kickin my rear today.

  11. Amanda W says:

    Gloria – nice job! I hope you do this often. I really hope you come visit us more often though. Great work Saturday as well!

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