We will be running CrossFit classes next Wednesday, July 3rd, at their regular scheduled times. We will be closed, Thursday, July 4th.



First Response / Life Saving First Aid Course this Wednesday – 6:30pm   Cost – $50

What if? What if you or worse, a loved one, is injured badly? What if the EMS doesn’t get there in time? What if you knew what to do?

What if you don’t?

Many of our daily activities can lead to life threatening wounds. Driving, boating, swimming, cycling, surfing and even playing on the playground can lead to broken bones and lacerations. A laceration that divides a major artery can lead to death in minutes… in some cases, seconds. In those few moments, knowing what to do and being prepared to do it will the make all the difference.

Attendees of this course will leave with a increased knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology, an understanding of what is needed to apply life saving self-aid and first aid in the critical first moments following an injury and before EMS can arrive. It will also cover how to better interact with EMS when they do arrive, how to build a real first aid kit and where to get the needed supplies. There is also a portion on improvised care, for when the first aid kit isn’t readily accessible.

For more information go here



Katelin showing great power clean form yesterday.

5 rounds of:
Shoulder Press 6-8r
Weighted Pull-up 5-6r
Rest 2 minutes


4 rds:
10 Thrusters (105,75)
2 Rope Climbs (15′ all)

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Team training: 5:30
EMOM for 15 min – Snatch 75% x 1
EMOM for 15 min – Clean and Jerk 75% x 1

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  1. Jana Fogleman says:

    I’m excited for the First Response/First Aid Course – Sounds like stuff we all need to know!

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