Beach WOD tomorrow afternoon at 6:15pm at the Oceanic

Jordan and Tyler at The Garage Games





 Jordan and Tyler represented Crossfit Wilmington well in their first official competition at the Garage Games.  At 15 years old, these guys were by far the youngest competitors.

“Isabel”  30 Snatches (135/85) for time…

* At 6:00pm some members are doing a “Heavy” Isabel (185/135).  A few of us have done this before and it is a gut check.  This will not effect the 5:45 CrossFit Class, but Open Gym members will need to adjust for this time frame. It shouldn’t take much more than 10 minutes (ha!).   Anyone who wants to join us is welcome, but space will be limited.  It will be fun to watch the struggle.

20 thoughts on “Young Guns

  1. Josh says:

    Dont forget!
    On Sunday, September 5, Coach Wilkes and sons will return to CFW to give us another seminar on Olympic Weightlifting. We’ve decided to give away two spots for the seminar.
    This contest is going to be a tough one…
    We’re making it only available to our newest clients. One male and one female will be selected to attend.
    So if you’ve joined CFW since May 1st, 2010 all you have to is write a short paragraph and tell us why you’d like to attend the Olympic Lifting Seminar. Just submit your entry by close of business on Monday, August 30 to one of the staff and we’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, September 1.

  2. t. says:

    Isabel at 185lbs… sucks. Ask Zach. Ha. It is painful. I think I’ve talked Dawn into doing it with 145lbs (she doesn’t know it yet). That’s going to be bad*ss fun to watch. Can anyone help me talk Abby into doing it at 115lbs?

  3. Abs says:

    T. thats my MAX!!!!!!! oh if only I did have a competitive SNATCH!!!!! I look forward to watching this FAT Isabel…Get Some beasts! Dawn…did you ever know that you’re my hero? Wind beneath my wings! DO IT!!!! Jordan/Tyler….seriously you 2 are AWEOSME!

  4. Amanda W says:

    Jordan & Tyler – So proud of you two for putting yourselves out there at such a young age. That takes a lot of courage that some of us at 20, 30 and even 40 don’t have! Way to go guys!

    145? Seriously? Dawn, I will buy you a tiara and only refer to you as Queen of Crossfit if…no, WHEN you accomplish this. Bad assery at its finest.

  5. maria says:

    Ok, just so all of you evening crew know…it says 85 lbs on the website, but 95 lbs on the white board (:

  6. Dawn says:

    Yes. I know about the 145. I told Tony that he was crazy. That is only 15lbs away from my max!!!!!! And its been a while since I have hit that. If the boys want to up there weight then we all can STRUGGLE together. I dont know if struggle is the word. Having me at 135 is still 84% of my max. I think I am still beating the boys on that. I am just saying boys…..MAN UP!!!!

  7. t. says:

    Um… 185lbs is 90% of Caleb’s, 88% of Zach’s, 92% of Cody’s and 88% of Josh’s Snatch. So, ok.. I guess we’ll let Dawn “sham” at 84%.

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