Starting next week, February 4th, we will have only one early morning class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 5:45am.



Congratulations to Anthony, Jonathan, Marci, Jana and Melissa for completing the Crossfit Level 1 Coaches Course this past weekend.



5 rounds of…
Fat Bar (or Fat Gripz) Bench Press  6-8r x 5 (3,1,X,0)
Weighted Chin Ups  6-8r x 5 (3,1,x,1)
Rest 1 minute

3 rounds of…
DB Shoulder Press  6-8r (3,1,1,0)
DB Bent Over Row  6-8r (3,0,1,1)
Rest 1 minute

4 Rounds For Time of…
9 Box Jumps (24, 20)
2 Muscle Ups (Sub is 4 push-ups & 4 pull-ups for each muscle up)

12 thoughts on “CF Level 1 Coaches Course

  1. josh says:

    Welcome crew. I’m excited about what each of you will bring to CFW. Looking forward to working you guy’s!

  2. t. says:

    The CFW cadre grows by five very strong instructors. I select instructors based on a few criteria. They must be knowledgeable, personable, and obviously be able to perform. They have to be able to teach the more complex methods we employ at CFW. This crew undoubtedly meets and exceeds those. I also choose instructors I know care about you, our members, and your well-being. These ladies and gents will certainly become further assets to our gym. Thanks for stepping up.

  3. sara clark says:

    Glad you guys made it through that most rigorous of courses ;-).

    In other news, Balcones CrossFit down here is really picking up! Don’t forget to stop in and see us if ya’ll are down in Austin. I miss my cfw family, but I’m having a great time down here and using everything I learned at the old gym!

  4. Jana Fogleman says:

    Thank you everyone! We had a blast over the weekend, learned many fun things Crossfit and made some new friends. I am completely ecstatic about starting a new journey and training with CFW!!! Thank you to all of the staff for making it happen 🙂 See you in the gym!

  5. Sensei says:

    Excellent job guys!!

    Filipino Combat Systems COURSE!

    Finally got the sign up sheet at the front desk! We’ve got four so far! 2 weeks until start date and we can fit a lot of people on that mat! You will NOT be disappointed!

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