Self Defense Course- Thursday at 6 pm

This Thursday May 17th at 6pm in the loft area of CFW, Aaron Lawrence will be conducting a self-defense course.

The loft area at CFW has been converted for the Self Defense Class

This in depth course covers statistical data on physical altercation and violence, rape, and what happens most when “victims” decide to fight back. We will cover distancing, timing and verbal cues that are your first line in demanding your personal space and maintaining proper timing. This will lead into the purely physical aspects of being attacked and working for defense.

Course cost is $40 per person. The class will run for 2 hours.

Please sign up at the front office of CFW we have a sheet on the whiteboard up front, or email Aaron –  intensedefense “at”

Please wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind sweating in, and arrive 10 minutes early.


Amanda’s Path to the CrossFit Games

“You have one year.”

These were the words t said to me exactly one year ago upon his return from the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional competition. At the time, Hank was about one month old.  The notion seemed daunting and the enormity of what I had to accomplish in 10 months hit me like a brick.  I had a completely new body, a new set of responsibilities and a new concept of time management to maneuver.  It was going to be tricky, but victory is always worth sacrifice.

The first three months post partum were dedicated to active recovery, reestablishing my balance and finding my center of gravity during my zombie-like wake hours.  Months 3-6 were devoted to regaining my base strength and stamina.  At around 6 months, I decided to start training for the Carolina Challenge in Durham.  I stopped using Hank as an excuse to eat poorly (moms can attest – sometimes all you have is one hand to eat with) and began eating paleo-ish.  At 7 months, I felt Hank reaped most of the benefits of nursing and felt confident that weaning was the right decision.  This was a tough decision but one that allowed me to take control of my body again.

After the Carolina Challenge around 9 months post-partum, my spark for Crossfit competition was ignited.  I had a choice – I could either continue eating paleo-ish and perform above-average-ish, or I could eat paleo and perform well.  T and I sat down and addressed balance of diet to get my weight down.  I reduced carbs, stopped eating fruit and stopped drinking booze.

From that point forward (January through now), I have been diligent and disciplined in my diet, training, and supplementation to address strength imbalances and nutritional inadequacies.  I supplement with the touted “5” and add protein shakes post workout.

Body Composition (2012):

  • January:  Roughly 15%, 142 pounds
  • March: 12% body fat, 147 pounds
  • April: 10% body fat, 147 pounds

My typical eating day:

  • Wake up – drink 20 oz water with BCAA’s on an empty stomach
  • Breakfast (at least 20 minutes later – I try to wait as long as my hunger will allow): 2 boiled eggs, small piece of chicken apple sausage
  • Elective snack: Walnuts
  • Lunch: Large salad with chicken, veggies
  • Snack: Deli meat and sometimes more nuts
  • Dinner: Varies; typically meat, veggies and occasionally sweet potato french fries.

If the above is not enough (and a lot of days it is not), I try to snack on protein instead of fruits or nuts.  One thing I definitely learned is balance is KEY.  Eating a bag of nuts is technically paleo, but it swings your distribution of calories.  Hydration is equally as important.  I drink 80-90 ounces of water a day at minimum.

As we prepare for the games, I am focusing on my role as the “tweener” (not as strong as Dawn, not as fast as Melissa) and working to remedy and refine skills through strength development.  I am really still shocked that I am in the same class as my teammates.  Each of you performed well beyond my expectations at regionals and I can’t wait to see what the west coast brings out of you.

One last thing…NONE of this would be possible without the support of my husband, Joe.  His hands-on daddy skills have allowed this mommy to be selfish at times and train.  While I have made my share of sacrifices, Hank and Joe have made theirs as well.  I couldn’t be happier with my partner in life.

-Amanda Welliver


Amanda on Mother’s Day 2011 (left). Competing in the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals (mid).  With Hank, March 2012 (right).


Bench Press with Chains 6r x 5 (3/1/x/0)
DB Bent over Row 8r x 4 (3/0/1/0)
DB Bicep Curls 6r x 4 (4/0/1/1)
Lateral Raises 8r x 4 (3/0/1/1)

For time…
500 m row

14 thoughts on “Self Defense Course Thursday and Amanda’s Games Prep

  1. Meagan says:

    My hero….Amanda. Girl, you amaze me day in and day out. I can only hope to be as strong, disciplined, and well balanced as you one day. You are a beast hot momma.

  2. t. says:

    Amanda, like most successful people, is humble. When her and I “sat down and addressed balance” I actually said “[to be competitive] you have to cut 10lbs”. She didn’t flinch and nodded. Less than two weeks passed and Amanda cut 9lbs of unneeded “baby” fat.

    While many think dropping 10lbs in two weeks is not possible, it is if you cut the crap out and replace it with healthy food. I hear almost everyday something like “I don’t want to stop living” when I’m asked about eating better and losing weight. Ask Amanda (or anyone else who has done it) and she will tell you leaning out and being healthy is not only worth it, but it is a better living.

    I’m proud of Amanda and her teammates. They put in the work. I hope posting their stories, in their words will inspire at least one of you to mimic their efforts and achieve their results.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    My first memories of Crossfit were Amanda on the pull up bar, kipping out more pull ups within days of her due date with Hank then I could even do with a green band!! Literally!! Amanda you are such an inspiration! CONGRATS, your dedication and constant encouragement of everyone else is inspiring!

  4. Taylor Brown says:

    Hey Guys,

    Can anyone recommend a local primary care physician that’s hip to or at least somewhat knowledgeable of the CF/paleo lifestyle? Since we’re still pretty new to the area (<1 year), we don't have a doctor yet, and I'd rather not go to somebody who recommends cutting out red meat and eggs to be "heart-healthy," etc. I'm probably exaggerating, but you know what I mean 🙂

  5. Whitney says:

    Check out the paleo physicians network. they didn’t have many people on there for this area the last time I looked but that was a while ago.

    Amanda, you inspire me! Meagan already said ‘my hero’ and I second that. You are so awesome. I can’t wait to see you dominate at the games. Thank you so much for writing all that info down for us. I love posts like this!

  6. Tracy says:

    Mama Amanda! You are amazing!! You continue to inspire! Love all these informative posts! Thanks CFW!

  7. Taylor Brown says:

    Thanks, Whitney! I checked out Paleo Physicians Network. Unfortunately it’s still slim pickings in ILM – no internists or primary care physicians – so any other recommendations would be awesome. Thanks Guys!

  8. Whitney says:

    I see Dr. McGraw from active care Chiro is on there, you should ask him if he has any recs. He goes to CFW. Also Gayle Galligan is another chiropractor who goes to CFW and she may have a good rec too. I also wanted to tell you guys that I just recorded my first radio commentary for WHQR called gluten free in Wilmington and it will air in the next 2 weeks! I will keep you updated in case you are interested in hearing me blather on.

  9. Albert Steed says:

    @Taylor – Try out Insight Family Health Care. I started going there about a year ago and have really enjoyed them. They are down with Paleo and always take a look at diet, lifestyle, and supplementation before ever going down a prescription path. I know lots of others that go there and they really like them as well.

  10. Rachael says:

    Taylor- I am seen by a Tabatha Smith at Insight Family Health and I love her. She doesn’t directly “promote” paleo but she very much promotes that style of eating/living.

  11. Allie B says:

    Amanda, WOW, way to go! You are a constant inspiration. Keep it up girl. I love posts like this.

    @Taylor – I manage a medical clinic here in town and I am constantly hearing great things about Tabitha Smith. If you are trying to look her up, I believe she’s a nurse practitioner so you won’t find her looking for “doctors” or an MD.

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