Dawn in the "dip" of the Push Press

Push Press  10-5-20-10-5-20

3 Rounds for time…
10 Box Jumps (28″/ 24″)
20 Pull ups
30 Kb Swings (24/16)

The Push Press: “Dip – Drive – Press!!”  With the barbell the resting in front rack position, dip slightly (the knees shouldn’t advance much over the toes) keeping the spine perpendicular to the ground and drive the weight aggressively up and off the shoulders.  Complete the movement by pressing out the barbell to overhead.  The Push Press develops the dip of the hips and strengthens the shoulders in support of the Jerk.
Push Press Demo Video:

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 12 Oct 2010

  1. Meagan says:

    Good Morning! So remember how Easter Seals UCP helped us send our affiliate team to CA? Time for us to return the favor. On October 30th they are holding a fundraiser walk at the Loop. I have created a Crossfit Wilmington team. The following link will get you to the page. Once on that page, click to join a team. Look for Crossfit Wilmington and join :-). Let us come out and show our support. They really helped us out so please help me return the favor. Here is the link.


    If you are wondering what the organization does, you can read about each honorary ambassador. I worked for Easter Seals UCP for 4 years. I have the privelage to work with amazing children and families. During the summer of 2009, my buddy Jabari passed away. His family is still a big supporter of Easter Seals. They support individuals with disabilities from birth to adulthood. They have many great programs to work with individuals and families that are effected by disabilities. Jabari was an amazing child who always had a smile on his face, despite his pain and illness. I was asked to speak at his funeral. That day I wrote a couple poems about sweet Jabari. As I looked at his little face and the tears running down his mom’s face, I realized that I was truly blessed to be called to such an amazing field. Jabari, Alison, Ava, Grant, Harley, the list goes on…I have taught them all and they have each blessed me in a wonderful way. I feel blessed being a teacher of such special children and families. They teach me amazing things every single day.

  2. Amanda W says:

    Meagan – awesome cause! I can’t make it to the walk but will donate. Thanks for organizing and coordinating!

    t. – thanks for taking time to post the video demos…it’s always good to have a reminder of what proper form looks like!

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