Use the Infrared Sauna at no cost from 6/15 – 6/30
CrossFit Wilmington is one of very few establishments in Wilmington to offer the use of an Infrared Sauna. Studies have shown that use of an infrared sauna helps the body to detoxify metals and other toxins. Our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. These toxins can include anything in the environment, from soaps to cosmetics to fragrances in the air, toxins are everywhere.  Read more about toxins that need detoxifying here. The infrared sauna aids in detoxification through sweat.  Infrared sauna use has a cumulative effect on the body, therefore using the sauna on a regular basis will have a greater effect than a one time use.

Additionally, the sauna aids in muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Following sauna sessions with stretching sessions for a few weeks will improve mobility. Take advantage of the sauna availability, relax and detoxify.

We Have New Foam Rollers for Sale
Cost: $20

Razz uses eccentric hooks (the apparatus hanging from the barbell) for squats. Developed by the Russians years ago, hooks allow lifters to significantly overload the eccentric (negative) portion of the lift, yet continue with subsequent full repetitions.  Utilizing the hooks properly can help an athlete increase strength and bust through plateaus.  They can be used equally well for squatting and pressing movements.  A common set with hooks has them loaded with 25-50lbs each . The barbell is loaded to 70-80% of max.   The first rep will take 8-10 seconds for the eccentric (lowering) portion until the hooks hit the floor, come off the bar and unload it.  The lifter continues with 3-5 reps to complete the set.  

Crossfit – Day 3/ Week 1 

Active Recovery:
Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers and Lacrosse Balls
Stretching with Bands

Today’s Classes are open to  all Crossfit Wilmington and Wilmington Strength and Conditioning Members

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  1. Dan Farish says:

    It may not seem like it when you’re looking at the words on the page, but active recovery, coupled with myofascial release is just as important as doing a full-on workout. Getting the knots out of your muscles helps keep them loose and vastly improves flexibility, which increases your range of motion, which in turn allows you to lift greater loads more efficiently.

    Plus, if you’re doing it right, it’ll get your heart rate up and you’ll be sweating as much as if you just finished a workout.

  2. Dan Farish says:

    Dangit Joe! You addressed the sweating issue while I was typing. Now I look like I’m just copying what you said.

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