The Coastal Carolina Clash

Saturday August 4th CrossFit Wilmington and Wilmington Strength and Conditioning will host the Coastal Carolina Clash.  This event will be the first ever strength triathlon in the Wilmington area. It will consist of three events, an “Old School” Olympic meet with maxes in the snatch, clean & jerk and clean & press, max attempts at a deadlift and bench press, and a strength-based Crossfit WOD.  The lifting portions will use USAW weight classes.  You may sign up for one, two or all three of the events.

This event promises to be fun for all and is a great chance for anyone who has never competed to do so. The cost is $20 and includes an event T-shirt and food.  We are keeping the cost low so you can have a few bucks to enjoy your time in Wilmington, but any proceeds above the cost of the event will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Sign up for the event here.

We need a few volunteers/ judges to help with The Coastal Clash. There is a sign-up sheet in the lobby for anyone who is interested.

Matt L practicing muscle ups. Matt has put on 5 lbs of lean body mass in just 2 weeks following Wilmington Strength and Conditioning and Olympic Lifting Programming, as well as BioSignature Modulation. Keep it up Matt!


Skill Work: Tall Clean (working on the third pull)
* see video demo here

Front Squat 3r x 8s (4,0,x,0)

5 Rounds for time of…
6 DB Ground to Overhead (choose a challenging weight)
10 Burpees

Olympic Weightlifting

[1 Muscle Snatch + 1 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch] – work up to a heavy weight for 3 sets
Power Clean 3r x 3sets
Weighted GHD Sit up 10r x 3 sets

3 rounds for time. . .
10 DB Push Press
5 Squat Box Jumps

12 thoughts on “Tall Cleans and Front Squats

  1. t. says:

    It took about a week before I was saying “this kid is going to be a monster.” Now Matt is moving big weights around. Keep an eye out for this guy.

  2. Whitney says:

    Nice abs, yes sir. So an author sent me her upcoming book to review on my website and it turns out to be excellent. It’s a very comprehensive guide to paleo with nice recipes, guides, menus, supplements, tons of stuff. Check out my review and there is a link at the end to see the Amazon information for pre order if you’re interested. Also, don’t forget about Aces For Orphans this weekend, the charity doubles tennis tournament at Empie Park. If you want to play, there are registration forms in the lobby of CFW. Here is the link to the review

  3. Meagan says:

    Great Job Matt. Now let’s PR that snatch…haha Games 2013 dude.

    Awesome job to everyone in the 6 AM class. Way to push hard and use heavy weight. 🙂

  4. Amanda W says:

    Matt is always eager to learn and willing to put in the work to be great. Keep it up little-big guy 😉

  5. Kristina says:

    Meagan – Thanks for the push this morning, I always leave a bit in reserve (well more than a bit sometimes), I let my mind convince me that the weight is too heavy. So, I would have never kept the weight at 95 pounds the entire time without you telling me I could do it and guess what you were right I could do it. Thanks -K

  6. James Tatum says:

    Matt just finished a strength phase with me and is now going into an Olympic lifting phase, then i assume back to Crossfit. He is using all the resources at CFW and it is paying off. Good work, keep it up!

  7. Tanner says:

    It’s rare to see a college student with such a dedicated work ethic. Matt attends class, works a nearly full time job and still finds time to make it into the gym. I have been working with Matt in BioSignature for the past few months and even on a tight budget he’s made some huge gains. Coupling BioSig with a strength program has allowed him to make some big gains in his lifts and his body composition. I’m impressed.

  8. Meagan says:

    Matts the man….he also has the best girlfriend ever

    Kristina….you are stronger than you give for. Thank you for the compliment but you lifted the 95lbs. You have a beautiful squat….one in which I had. Embrace your squat. Haha.

    All 6am athletes impress me. Lifting heavy weight that early in the morning is amazing.

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Since I got to CFW almost a year ago everyone has been extremely supportive and helpful. Resources like BioSignature and WSC (which I would strongly encourage everyone to do at some point- it helped me tremendously) make it much easier to make gains. I have a long way to go and I look forward to getting better.

  10. Casey says:

    So proud of you Matt, making big strides, all of your effort is paying off 🙂 You give 110% in all that you do. Going big places in an out of the Crossfit gym!

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