Tips from Alex Dominguez, licensed teacher and CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Being a personal and group trainer, teacher, tutor and working with children in and out of school settings for the past 8 years have given me some great insights on physical activity and family dynamics. Staying physically active can be a struggle this day in age. With Television, video games, and the large amounts of homework that your children are obligated to finish on a daily basis it becomes easy to let your children live a sedentary life style.

I think that one of the most important things to know is that your children want to spend time with you and you are their role model. With that in mind here are a few tips and ideas that you can use with your family or at home to help keep your children physically active:

  • Get your children to help you with yard work. Pulling weeds, raking leaves, cutting the lawn, trimming the hedges, washing windows, sweeping the porch, washing the car, etc. Children will love spending time with you and learn to take pride in their hard work.
  • When you make family outings go to the park or the pool; places where physical activity and play are the fun and entertainment of the trip.
  • Take time out of your evening to play with your children. Any sport can be a lot of fun and the rules can always be changed to best suit you, your children, and the environment.
  • Sometimes the weather may keep you inside. While watching TV take little breaks to have a friendly push-up or sit-up competition with your children.
  • Try learning a new yoga pose daily with your children. Learn a new dance or exercise routine.
  • Cook with your children. Creating healthy meals together can promote physical activity. Diet has an enormous impact on brain function, mood and energy levels.
  • Never use foods as punishment. Diets should be consistently healthy.

Keep in mind simple things when it comes to you and your family’s health. Take the stairs when given the option. Park further away from the store when the weather is nice. Replace your fries with a salad. Use a little less mayo or ranch dressing. Drink water instead of a sugary alternative. Opt for the less fat milk. Adding together little steps like these will go a very long way toward your health and the health of your family.

-Alex Dominguez


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