The "secret" to weight loss and health.

In Sunday’s and Monday’s post I mentioned not eating carbs.  I should’ve been more specific. 

I meant, do not eat “complex” carbs, fruit, and sugars.  I use parenthesis on complex because there’s nothing complex about so called complex carbs.  They’re pototoes and grain carbs.  That includes outmeal and anything whole grain, multi grain, or, again, ANYTHING made from a grain. 

If you're not taking a high quality fish oil, you are wrong.

If you are above 15% bodyfat, stop eating anything except meat, dark green veggies and good fats (oils, nuts, seeds, and avocado).  Add 10 grams a day of combined EPA/DHA…  i.e. fish oil.

That’s the million dollar answer and as specific as you really ever need.

Stop being a baby about what you like to eat and at the same time whining about being fat.  It’s easy to lose weight.  It’s easy to keep it off, if… YOU STOP EATING THE CRAP that makes you fat. 

That’s specificity.  Ha.

I am, very specific in the nutrition class and counseling.  The details can be alot to learn.  If you really want to understand how to eat healthy and fuel your life and workouts, you need to come a class or sit down with me one on one.  Those that have, get it.  Reading bits and pieces about Paleo or whatever nutrition topic doesn’t give you the big picture or the context you need to eat as healthy as possible while being successful at YOUR fitness goals. 

You can do anything you set your mind to.  If not now, when?

Morning workout at Wrightsville Beach

Foam Roll Head to Toe and MyoFascial Release
Stretching – The Core 4

Today’s classes are open to all members.  Open gym members… this is a gift.  Take advantage.

2 thoughts on “Clarification on Carbs

  1. taylor says:

    Great article Its actually going to take me another whole reading to get through every nook and cranny of the article. There are so many great hyperlinks to articles referenced and noted information. Yes, coming in from the studio for 20 minutes for a break was well spent on line reading that Paleo post…now I am going to go back out into the studio and finish baking some more totally unhealthy (but pretty) wedding cakes 🙂 Im such a double agent!

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