Get lean tip 3 (This one’s for the Ladies): Lower your estrogen levels.


Low Back and Hip Pain Seminar
Dr. Eric McGraw will be at CrossFit Wilmington on April 5th at 7pm for a Low Back and Hip Pain Seminar. He will discuss faulty movements in squats and dead lifts. He will give you suggestions on how to improve the faults and avoid or treat painful conditions from these lifts. Dr. McGraw will be introducing exercise  bands to correct these faults. To learn more about chiropractic and Active Care visit out website at

Crossfit Wilmington Easter Beach WOD 2012
Next Saturday (April 7th) at 9am, at the Oceanic Pier, we will kick off the 2nd Annual “CFW Easter Egg Hunt”.  Everyone will be split into teams that correspond with a particular egg color.  They will then be given the task of gathering all of their eggs and bringing them back to a set location.  Once all the eggs are gathered they will be opened one at a time to find a workout inside.  The team must complete each workout in order they are pulled from inside the eggs.  The first team to complete all the exercises will be declared the winner. All Crossfitters, their friends, and family are invited.

Matt E. in Intro Class 2. Welcome to CFW Matt. At CFW, new members are taught the proper and safe technique... Felice explains hip extension on the box jump.

Barbell Lunge  12l/12r x 5
Good Mornings  6-8r x 5
Bent Over DB Row  8-10r x 6
Dead Hang Pull Ups 6-8r x 5

13 thoughts on “Mobility Seminar With Dr. Eric MrGraw this Thrusday

  1. Joe W. says:

    MIGHTY KOONNGG. Way to go Cody. Being able to accomplish that is definetly making a statement.

  2. Tanner says:

    To everyone who comes in today: put just as much effort into this strength work as you do into the timed workouts. Lifting should be just as hard as your met-cons. Come in and crush it!

  3. Sensei says:

    Totally agree with Tanner. When you go at todays wod. Focus on your core and form, but put some weight on the bar and really attack it. These higher reps / set should “SUCK”.

    Great times this morning! Great to see everyone!

  4. t. says:

    Hey guys… the deadline for submitting your body fat was Wednesday. To insure everyone started the competition on the same day, putting everyone equal, we had that deadline.

    We are granting exceptions today. You can come in, and if Tanner is here and available, he will do your body fat testing. However, the new buy in rate is $20.

    After CFW close of business today, Friday, 30 March 2012, there will be no more entries into the competition.

    Now put down the carbs and get lean!

  5. Tracy says:

    Awesome job Cody! Thanks for posting the great read Tony! Keep them coming! Love all the information!!

  6. Gloria says:

    1 mile Run
    AMRAP 2″ DU = 92 (PR by 20!)
    BB Lunges 45,65,75,95,100 (should have started at 75 minimum)
    DB Rows w/ KB 35, 35, 45,45,45,45 (should have started with the 45)
    Good Mornings 45,45,55,75,85 (started too light….again)
    Dead Hangs 3,5,5,5,5 (was failing on rep 5 so no 6th)
    600m Run

  7. t. says:

    Gloria… don’t count the light sets. Just rate them as warm up sets. Your first set, in any of my strength work, begins with the set that is challenging at the reps I Rx. That is, unless I post a percentage of your max. Then all reps and sets are completed at that weight.

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