Kettlebell Course This Saturday, June 23rd
We are hosting a Kettlebell Course with Pete Boby this Saturday, June 23rd from 9am to 3pm.  Learning to properly implement kettlebell training will aid in Crossfit workouts as well as travel workouts where no other equipment is available. The kettlebell is a great tool due to its small size and versatile exercise capability. Kettlebell proficiency is a valuable skill in the general physical preparedness repertoire .  There are still spaces left, sign up sheet is on the whiteboard in the lobby.
Cost: $75

Anna K, relaxed while performing yesterday’s double unders.

Crossfit Day 5/Week 2

Bench Press 4-6r x 7

5 Rounds for time of…
20m Prowler Push (+50/+30)
8 Kipping Pull-ups

Olympic Weightlifting

(1 Hang Clean Pull + 1 Hang Clean) x 3 sets
(2 Cleans + 1 Jerk) x 3 sets
Clean Pull  2r x 6s HEAVY
Snatch Balance 5r x 2s

3 rounds
20 Weighted Sit Ups
10 KB Push Press (24/16)

4 thoughts on “Bench Press and Prowler- Week 2

  1. Meagan says:

    Great Job 5:30 & 6:30 AM crew. I always have fun with you guys. Those kipping pull ups are looking good!

    Ladies…I have your pics from Sunday Funday. If you did not write down your email address, please email me so that I can get you your pictures.

    NO YOGA OR KIDS CLASS THIS SATURDAY-I have to make a trip to visit my Grandparents. See you all next week.

  2. Sensei says:

    There was only a fraction of the usual attendees this morning?!?!? WTH?? Where are all my early AM butt kickers!?!?

    The ones that DID show, did a great job! Loving the fact that you push through after such a crazy WoD yesterday!

  3. Taylor says:

    Yesterday’s WOD, in addition to the rest of the week, has put a much deserved hurtin’ on me! It’s been such great programming. I have really enjoyed these past few weeks and look forward to the next few. I sat in the sauna yesterday and also the day before, it has held true to it’s claims and totally helped damper the extreem muscle soreness that I usually feel! I figured I’d give it a try, what could it hurt, maybe I’d shed some lb.’s in the process. WOW, they were totally right, and now I’m a believer. Sit in that sucker after a butt kicker and you will feel soooooo much better right after the sauna, and also the next day. Better get n there while its free and get hooked, I don’t think the fee’s are much at all. absolutely worth it.

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