Olympic Lifting Class tonight at 6pm

KickBoxing at 7:15pm

Yoga at8pm

Cost: Free to unlimited class members, $10 for CFW members, and $20 for nonmembers.
Don’t forget, we offer 20 classes for $100!!

CFW ladies rock…  no doubt about it.  Why are our “average” ladies so above average at other gyms?  The 65lbs considered the standard at most, is considered light here.  We teach our women excellent form.  Then add weight.  Then add more weight.  Then we push them to accomplish their capabilities.  They appreciate it.

If you don’t know the reason I used the word average, ask Ron.  It’s totally a joke on him.  There’s nothing average about a woman that trains at CrossFit Wilmington.

CrossFit WOD

Make up yesterday’s if you missed it.

KB Windmill  50L/50R    Break into sets as needed.
50 Weighted GHD Sit Ups (15lbs/10lbs)  Break into sets as needed.

KB Windmills


12 thoughts on “The Bad*ss Ladies of CFW – Wednesday Evening

  1. t. says:

    Ladies… ask around. The girls that have come from other CFs and have visited ones while on travels will tell you. We program a bit heavier than most.

    If you’re just starting out and you think some of the weights we post are too heavy, just hang in there. It’s crawl, walk, then run… technique, intensity, then volume. With that progression you learn the form it takes to effectively move they weight you are capable of. In a few months you’ll be tossing around the heavy stuff too.

    As for the firebreathers, keep smashing through the workouts with weights other CF’s boys (even owners! ha.) wish they could. Heck maybe we’ll have you girls compete in the male class at the Carolina CrossFit Challenge next weekend!

    As far as Ron getting tossed in front of the proverbial bus, I think they used Facebook to crush him for his… um, inconsiderate (?) comment. Ha.

  2. Felice says:

    Thank you Tony for programming heavy. If it weren’t for the high standards that you set for us, we wouldn’t be constantly challenged, and we would never reach our full potential. If you want more, you have to do more, right?

  3. No GOOD says:

    Are you all familar with the joke about the bridge bulider?……………… I guess I am never going to live this one down. I swear in my head it sounds like one of the best things I could say , honestly I dont even rember how the topic came up. BUt the “AVERAGE” comment about our CFW amazing above average totaly smoking hot women, was meant as The AVERAGE as ….you know I can not even fix this…. I love OUR CFW WOMEN who are no where near AVERAGE!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS….hahahaha

  4. Shawn K says:

    Anyone catch the main site today that listed requirements for box jumps? I previously understood box jump requirements to be “full extension” regardless of whether you were on the box or in air. However, CFHQ today lists an additional requirement (with picture):

    “For a legitimate box jump the hips must travel at least as high as when standing on the box.”

    Others may have known this, I didn’t — or maybe I chose to ignore it.


  5. drew says:

    Shawn – I noticed that too. It’s interesting because by that standard, you could meet the standard without full extension on top of the box. Just make the jump higher so your hips are as high as they would be, land at less than extension, and repeat. I wonder what prompted them to even make that clarification?

  6. t. says:

    Shawn… the box jump standard has always been what they saying. In the air and “sliding” off is accecptable. YOu have to try to squeeze the limits for competition sake, but the standard is not any different. Your box jumps are fine.

    The heels on the box and full extension is easy.

    We’ve all seen the “touch and go” and it’s not acceptable. At the regionals they actually made the competitors reach extension (adding the word full is redundant, ha.)

    Every competition we go to the judges always thank us for our athletes being so easy to judge. You guys are doing them correctly. Just make sure your heels are on the box!

    It’s good HQ made that clarification.

  7. Shawn K says:

    I assumed this clarification was to prevent someone from landing on the box in a deep squat, getting minimal lift on the return jump, while still being able to open the hips before landing.

    It seems possible for someone to reach extension on the descent without ever clearing the plane defined by “hip height while standing on the box”. Granted, it would require some speed and I’m not sure it would gain much time.

    Admittedly, I’m thinking this while sitting in my office chair.

  8. t. says:

    I use the “credit card high” approach to he getting on and off the box. Economy of motion. Also, it’s good to only jump from and land as close as you possible can from the box. It lessens the movement… again economy of motion.

    It’s the little things.

  9. t. says:

    Many of you have expressed interest in the shooting matches and shooting in general. On Sunday, 12 December, Ant Hill Range (www.anthillrange.com) is hosting another Steel Challenge pistol match. It’s the same type of thing you saw in the video where Jana, IP, Sorg, Melissa, and Ron are shooting the steel tagets. If you’d like to go, you only need a pisto (any cal.), 250 rounds of ammo, and hearing/eye protection. Let me know it you’d like to go.

    Alastar TDS-C is up and running. Check us out at http://www.alastartds-c.com. We have our full schedule up and posted. CFW members get a $50 discount on any/all the courses. If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift… we have done that and will discount for multiple courses.


  10. Abs says:

    RNG….you just simply chose the WRONG badass CFW chicks to call AVERAGE….and no…there is NO fixing it…we all still love you.

  11. DC says:

    CFW females “Average” now thats some funny stuff right there.. Ladies I really don’t know how to tell you but if you are RX’d our WODS then you are way above most females. Yes we push you to push yourself, test yourself, and yes sometime you cry. Why cause you are above the rest. The Day you walked in the box you made a choice to be above the rest, Not AVerage, or Normal, you wanted more. Day in Day out each time you pull in that parking lot you break all the normals and stero-types, take a look at some other boxes wods and their weights, look at their youtube videos do you feel they are in your class.. You shouldn’t.. I know RNG was being silly but CFW LADIES you are “ABOVE THE REST AND EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ARE BADA##!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU ALL.

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