Self Defense Class Tonight

Sensei Aaron Lawrence will be holding a Self Defense class tonight at 6pm. Both women AND men are welcome to attend as this will be an all encompassing session on what tools are available and effective in a self defense situation.


Doug S. using a barbell to work into the deep tissue of his quadriceps during Wednesday’s mobility class.



Run 1 mile for time

rest no more than 5 minutes

Complete 5 Burpees for every 30 seconds it took you to run the mile
(ex. 6:00 mile= 60 Burpees or 7:45 mile= 75 Burpees)


3 x 1 min Plank hold
50 GHD Sit-ups


2 thoughts on “Self Defense Class Tonight

  1. Sensei says:

    Hey All! I hope you’re all excited about tonights Self Defense Workshop!! Please note a couple things here.

    1) If you’ve signed up on FB and/or on the sign up sheet at the gym I AM PLANNING ON YOU BEING THERE!!! So, it’s a sincerity thing, a consideration thing, and a helpful thing for me and YOU to be there if you’ve signed up! Thank you!

    2) We will be in the Air Conditioned yoga room upstairs at CFW. We were going to be in the gym but it’s just too dang hott. So, you can thank me for this.

    3) Please be on time if at all possible. I want waivers signed and people ready to move at no later than 6:05. We’ve got some ground to cover and I want to make sure you are getting what you expect out of the workshop.

    4) The cost for this workshop is $20 per person. Please pay either cash, or check made to Aaron Lawrence.

    I think that is it. We are going to be moving a lot so bring water and bring your best attitude. There are some things that may surprise you at this workshop. Things you might have never thought about AND some things that will make you want to learn more about self defense.

    Looking forward!

    Aaron (Sensei) Lawrence

    • Scott says:

      Ha can’t make it tonight , but would love to attend in the future, keep my email and let me know when you have another class


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