Watch Tony compete in Maxim Magazine’s Maximum Warrior 3 – Event 5
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Partner WOD for Time:

  • 75 Wallballs (20/14) and Deadlift Hold (205/135)

While one partner is holding a Deadlift, the other completes Wallballs (20/14).  The Wallballs may be broken up between partners, however a rep only counts when a partner is holding the Deadlift.

  • 75 Box Jumps (20 All) and Row (1000m)

While one partner is Rowing, the other does Box Jumps. Partners may switch however many times they choose. If the person Rowing completes the 1000m before the other partner completes all 75 Box Jumps, then they may help the other complete finish the Box Jumps.

  • 1 Mile Run with Sledgehammer (Choose a hammer)

Upon completion of the Wallballs and Box Jumps, both partners will complete a 1 mile run with a sledgehammer. Partners may swap the sledgehammer while running.

3 thoughts on “Maximum Warrior Event 5

  1. t. says:

    Robert is a monster… the kid tosses around some pretty heavy weights. It’ll be fun to see how far he goes.

    Thanks for following the Maxim Challenge. It was a ton of fun. Event 5 didn’t go my way… I bent the sights on the FN and didn’t hit a thing with it (the misses are added to the overall time). Luckily there were three other weapon systems (SCAR 7.62, M4, and 1911 pistol) and I knocked down all the targets with those. They issued me a new rifle for the next event. I cut it close on that one. Good fun.

  2. t. says:

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